4th OMICRON Energizing Women (OEW)

September 19, 2022 | Virtual


“Vision comes alive when everyone sees where his or her contribution makes a difference” – Kenneth H. Blanchard


Be part of OMICRON MEA's initiative to empower women electrical engineers on 19 September 2022 at the 4th OMICRON Energizing women (OEW) virtual event. 

OEW is an initiative by OMICRON MEA with the objective to "Energize" women electrical engineers and help them pave their path to success. We aim to share experiences, inspirational stories, and lessons learned.

In continuation of previous editions, you will hear from 3 fellow leading women electrical engineers about their inspiring journey in empowering women in the industry. This will be followed by workshops that will focus on how we can each have a hand in empowering fellow electrical women engineers on daily basis.

This event is organized by OMICRON MEA, with the support of IEEE Kenya and IEEE Women in Engineering-Western Saudi Arabia Section.


OEW is open to both men and women



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