Vietnam Smart Cities Trade Mission

Deadline for registration of interest 31st August.

Mission will run between 7th November - 15th November

During October 2022, the Department for International Trade will be taking a trade mission to Vietnam focused on solutions for Smart Cities.
Vietnam is a dynamic, fast growing economy in South East Asia, and is vastly expanding its smart city capabilities. Urban Vietnam has experienced rapid growth in the past decades - its urban centres now house 36.8% of the total population, compared to 19.6% in 1999, and that number is expected to reach 50% by 2040. While Vietnam has established strong project development processes to meet its infrastrcuture needs, the spontaneous nature of its urban develoment has led to challenges. Traffic congestion, pollution, resource shortages and other woes highlight a strain placed on Vietnam's urban infrastrcuture, economies and communities. 
The Vietnamese Government have passed Resolution 6, which targets the difficulties faced by rapid-paced urbanisation. This is creating a clear market for UK smart city capabilities to be shared with and for British companies to export to Vietnam.
During COP 26, Vietnam agreed to meet a target for 'net zero' carbon emmissions by 2050. The Vietnamese Government is working to deliver on these targets - British expertise in decarbonising the economy are welcomed.
A copy of the Vietnam Smart City Handbook can be recieved by following, and entering your details at this link. The Handbook has identified 100 Vietnamese smart city projects.
Companies will be required to finance their own attendance at the mission.

Who is the mission for?

The mission is designed for UK export-ready, smart city companies with an interest in:
The public sector
•  Enhanced Connectivity
•  Smart Manufacturing
•  Geospatial database
•  E-government and digital identity
•  Green Building/Energy efficiency
The private sector – real estate developers & manufacturers
•  Smart Homes
•  Green Building/Energy efficiency
•  Geospatial database
•  Enhanced Connectivity
•  Smart Manufacturing

Find out more about the opportunities in Vietnam, by watching the below video.


 Resolution 6 - a summary

Resolution 6 was passed in January 2022, with the official title: "Resolution of Poliburo on planning, construction, management and sustainable urban development in Vietnam up to 2030, Vision to 2045". As the name suggests, the resolution is wide ranging, and sets out the areas of work that must be delivered upon in the developing of Vietnam's future urban areas. 

  • The resolution calls for innovative thinking in urban planning to ensure that urban areas are fit for the future, and will have a focus on delivering for local residents and ensuring their quality of life.
  • Ensuring that urban development is modern, characterful, but also respectful to traditional identity and culture in Vietnam.
  • Develop good transport links within urban areas.
  • Building greener urban spaces, wiht controls in place to improve air quality and reduce pollution
  • There is a desire to decentralise decision making on the development of each urban area.
  • By 2025, 100% of existing and new urban centers will have master plans, zoning plans, urban renovation, embellishment, reconstruction and development programs
  • By 2025, fiber optic broadband network infrastructure will cover over 80% of households in urban areas, universalize 4G, 5G mobile network services and smartphones; the percentage of adult population in urban areas with electronic payment accounts is over 50%. By 2030, universalize fiber optic broadband Internet services, universalize 5G mobile network services, and the proportion of adult population in urban areas with electronic payment accounts will be over 80%.
  • Create national plans on urban development to deal with challenges such as climate change, natual disaster prevention and control and epidemics