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UK-India Green Hydrogen Hub

22 June 2022

Panel Discussion


Session 1 

1400hrs to 1515hrs IST | New and Emerging Technologies (EmTech): Strategic Use and Security Concerns

This panel will reflect on the opportunities and challenges surrounding EmTech. How are technology and data changing society and impacting on economies, governance and democracies? How can countries work together to address the challenges posed by EmTech to ensure an equitable, inclusive approach?

Speakers: Prof. Carole Mundell, Chief International Science Envoy, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office; Ananth Padmanabhan, Dean, Daksh Fellowship and Visiting Fellow, CPR; Smriti Parsheera, Lawyer, Technology Policy Researcher and CyberBRICKS Fellow 19 Taskforce, UK

Session 2 

1525hrs to 1625hrs IST | A rules-based international framework for the 21st Century: Demarcating responsible behaviour in space and cyberspace

This panel will reflect on the two domains of space and cyberspace, and examine how we can ensure space and cyberspace are utilised responsibly. Who decides what constitutes responsible behaviour in space and cyberspace? How can we enforce frameworks when norms and behaviours are violated?

Speakers: Dr. Namrata Goswami, Independent Scholar on Space Policy, Great Power Politics and Ethnic Conflicts; Jiten Jain, Co-founder, Digital Lab Voyager Infosec; Raman Jit Singh Chima, Asia Policy Director and Senior International Council, Access Now

Session 3 

1635hrs to 1745hrs IST | Women in STEM: Inclusive working, inclusive technologies

This panel will focus on how we can work together to encourage more girls to study STEM subjects and more women to pursue tech careers. As Tech reshapes our world, what are the challenges faced by women in STEM subjects? How can the UK and India work together to help create inclusive learning and working pathways and models for women and girls?

Speakers: Prof. Carole Mundell, Chief International Science Envoy, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office; Dr. Pooja Goddard, Senior Lecturer of Chemistry, Loughborough University; Dr. Suphiya Khan, Director of Drumlins Water Technolgies and Associate Professor, Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Banasthali University