Background of the Conference

The overall goal of the Conference is to identify, highlight, share, promote, disseminate and further establish inclusive and innovative practices of eTwinning Schools also by triggering synergies between the  elements of the eTwinning Schools Mission which highlight aspects of an inclusive approach. For instance: 

  • Inclusive practices among the teaching staff
  • Inclusive classrooms (multilingualism, special educational needs, refugeesmigrants, different socio-economic backgrounds)
  • Innovative pedagogies (flipped classroom, different learning spaces, blended learning etc.)

Participants will deepen their knowledge on the notion of inclusion and inclusiveness, explore how these may contribute to their work and analyse the adaptations and changes needed to tackle the challenges in the new reality, including the pandemic and the recent refugee crisis. Examples of good practice, along with theoretical and conceptual framing, will allow participants to fully capitalise on the results achieved and further develop as role models, promoters and multipliers for other schools.

The eTwinning Schools Online Annual Conference 2022 will be an opportunity to:  

  • introduce the concept of ‘inclusive and innovative learning organisations’ via expert contributions, practices and examples, 
  • reflect on the pedagogical elements of the eTwinning School Mission related to inclusion,
  • equip participants with tools, methods and practices to implement high-quality, inclusive and accessible digital education,
  • guide participants in drafting a multidimensional inclusive strategy based on the steps described here and here and the resources of the European toolkit for inclusive schools.


The public part of our event is over, thank you for joining us!