Event overview

I have travelled many times to Basel in the past both for personal and work reasons. This time it was to attend the Bio-Europe Spring conference bringing biotech and pharma professionals from across the world. The conference is overall much smaller than the JPM/Biotech Showcase in San Francisco which I also attended earlier this year. I felt that the conference was well organized and the opportunity to hear from and meet a number of Pharma companies was much better. The UK Booth was supported by a number of amazing individuals from the department of Trade and Business who helped companies like SMDG to navigate the conference. I had a chance to meet many people from a number of companies from the U.S., Europe and Asia and we are now following up on all the meetings we had in Basel.
Shadi Farhangrazi, CEO of S. M. Discovery Group

Companies who attended:

Using their proprietary technology Camena can produce long and complex synthetic genes providing rapid access to long and complex gene sequences that are not accessible through other methods.

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Steve Harvey

CEO, Co-Founder & Board Member

Medherant develops patches for transdermal drug delivery using a novel, proprietary, solvent-free adhesive technology.

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Nigel Davis 

Chief Business Officer

A biotechnology company that has developed the Magnetic Haemofiltration, a revolutionary platform therapy that enables the physical removal of specific substances from the bloodstream of patients.

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George Frodsham

Founder & CEO

Novel multi-omics liquid biopsy tests via Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) enabling the real time analysis of tissue-specific bioactivity in blood. Its first product is a blood test for early detection of liver cancer among high-risk patients.

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Pierre Arsene

Job description

Developing novel therapies for the treatment and early detection of autoimmune disease with a lead product in type 1 diabetes.

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Nara Daubeney

Job description 

A biotechnology company dedicated to delivering effective and safe nucleic acid therapies to save lives and improve health.

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Shadi Farhangrazi

Chief Executive Officer

Aptamer Group develops next-generation oligonucleotide binders using its proprietary Optimer® platform which consists of three parallel processes optimized for target type (small molecules, proteins and cells).

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Arron Tolley