Diagnostics & Precision Medicine

Developing affordable, patient-centred and fully-integrated clinical, AI and medical-device based systems. Its first product addresses neutropenic sepsis: the most fatal side-effect of chemotherapy.

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Umaima Ahmad

CEO & Co-Founder

A technology company dedicated to unleashing the potential of genomics to transform human health by using their technology to remove the noise from genomic data.

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Dr Barnaby Balmforth

Co-Founder & CEO

CanCertain uses advanced 3D cell culture techniques to help both patients and oncologists find the optimal cancer treatment using their own cancer cells.

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Dharmesh Mehta

Business Development Director

Glyconics is developing a range of Miniaturized InfraRed (IR) products for use at point-of-care to produce diagnostic data in minutes, focussing initially on diabetes screening.

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Dr Kam Pooni


Lateral Dx is a contract development company specialising in Lateral Flow Technology. They have developed a fast, quantitative antibody screening system that delivers a cost-effective method of screening antibodies for use in Lateral flow tests (LFT).

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Richard Campbell

Managing Director

Novel multi-omics liquid biopsy tests via Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) enabling the real time analysis of tissue-specific bioactivity in blood. Its first product is a blood test for early detection of liver cancer among high-risk patients.

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Pierre Arsene

Founder & CEO

Providing services to clients for the discovery of Antibody/ Autoantibody Biomarker Signatures.

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Adam M Hill


Manufacturing point of care medical diagnostics that give results at the patient side within minutes.

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David Campbell


Using proprietary bioimpedance technology to characterise cell changes during disease progression which provides a status of disease for clinicians.

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Sameer Kothari


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