Digital Solutions

Blüm’s focus is on building healthcare-ready software, whilst also supporting companies of all sizes navigate the digital health industry through consulting in regulatory and software design & development best practices.

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Dr Michael Watts

Co-Founder & Managing Director

ClearSky Medical Diagnostics develops intelligent medical devices which utilise patented White/Open Box machine learning algorithms for the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and related conditions.

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Stephen Smith

Co-Founder & Director

ATMPS Ltd has developed the patent pending Hataali Software Solution, which enables sharing of data between stakeholders to enable the development of personalised medicine.

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Raja Sharif


A digital health company using AI and photonics to build a digital library of diseases biomarkers and biological profiles, to provide screening and stratification tools in an affordable, fast and portable way.

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Mehak Mumtaz

COO & Co-Founder

Through the development of a unique set of artificial neural network driven machine learning tools, Intellomx interrogate human tissue omics data sets and healthy tissue comparators to develop a comprehensive understanding of molecular pathways in disease to determine the key drivers.

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Robert Grundy

VP Business Development is an AI “no-code” machine learning platform that makes all the complexity of building, testing and deploying AI solutions easy for everyone.

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Dr Manish Patel

CEO & Co-Founder

Delivering a breakthrough unsupervised AI to extract clinical features from doctors notes.

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Dr Vibhor Gupta

Director & Founder

Established at Imperial College London with a mission to improve the lives of asthmatics using AI and Digital Health.

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Antony Wilson

Head of Commercial

Sonrai's digital analytics suite allows researchers access to cutting-edge AI tools to help pharma and biotech companies discover the next generation of biomarkers.

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Darragh McArt


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