Annual RIMS Conference: 20-22 June 2019, Ljubljana
SIG programmes AC 2019

SIG Mobility

Topic: "Enhancing Social Participation through Sporting and Physical Activities"

Preliminary programme:

16:00 Opening and Introduction
Chair Carme Santoyo & co-chair Lousin Moumdjian
16:12 Opening Lecture : 'Working  for and with "the Real Experts"'
Paul Van Asch
16:40 Panel Discussion
Chair: Johanna Jonsdottir
Members: Alessandra Solari, Roshan das Nahir, Elaine Coulter and Carme Santoyo
17:40 Break
17:50 Lecture
Andrej Martic
18:00 Practical Session: ‘Walking to the Beats: Using Entrainment and Synchonisation in Clinical Practice’
Lousin Moumdijan
19:00 Reflections, Discussion, Closing
Carme Santoyo & Lousin Moumdjian Introducing SIG in-between meeting Tel-Aviv
Alon Kalron

SIG Bladder, Bowel and Sexuality

Topic: "Learning from each other"

Preliminary programme:

16:00 Opening and Introduction
Chair Doreen McClurg & co-chair Sara Rinaldi
16:10 Opening Lecture
Doreen McClurg – Abdominal Massage for Constipation in people with MS
16:40 Group Discussion
Chair: Doreen McClurg and Sara Rinaldi
Bowel dysfunction – the way forward 
17:40 Break
17:50 Transcutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation for Bladder Dysfunction – Sara Rinaldi
18:10 MS and Bladder Dysfunction - Prevalence Review - Hawri AlDandan PhD student  
Discussion Special Issue of MS Journal and Proposed Bladder Education Programme - Piet Eelen
Proposed Bladder Education Programme, Insa Schiffmann 
18:40       In between SIG Meeting - Discussion 
Reflections Sexual Dysfunction Survey - The way forward 

SIG Psychology and Neuropsychology

Preliminary programme:

16:00 Welcome and Introduction
          Dr Jana Pöttgen

16:05 The Meaning of Illness - a Narrative Approach 
           How do MS Patients Communicate About their Disease? - Jannie Engelbrecht 

16:45 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - Ready for MS 
          ACT for MS in Practice and Resarch - Kenneth Pakenham  

17:45 Break 

18:00 Rehabilitation of Cognitive Impairment as Standard-of-care - Pro's & Con's 
          An open platform discussion -with John DeLuca & Roshan dasNair  

18:45 SIG Related Discussion 
          Future Tasks and Projects? 
          Next In-between Meeting - When? Where?  

SIG Communication and Swallowing

Preliminary programme:

16:00 Welcome, Introduction & General Information
16:30 Pitches/Project Ideas
17:00 Working out a Project Idea
18:45 Organisational Aspects

SIG Occupation

Preliminary programme:

Welcome and Networking
Sofie Ferdinand, SIG co-chair and Inger Loyning, SIG Chair 
16.30 Digital health: opportunities for rehabilitation  
Daphne Kos, OT, PhD, (Belgium)
17.00 Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite
An van Nunen, rehab. doctor (Belgium)
17.30 Break
A cognitive occupation-based programme for people with Multible Sclerosis (COB-MS): feasabilty testing and planned trial
 Sinéad Hynes, OT, PhD (Ireland)
18.10 Smart House IRIS 
Katja Brancelj Galič, Bsc OT and Metka Moharić, MD, PhD (Slovenia)
18.30 Wheel Chair Prescription
Marta Vidmar, Bsc OT; Metka Moharić, MD, PhD; Dejana Zajc Bsc OT, Art Therapist (Slovenia)

Invitation to SIG Occupation in-between meeting and closing remarks
 Sofie Ferdinand, SIG co-chair and Inger Loyning, SIG Chair 

SIG Patient Autonomy

Preliminary programme:

16.00 Welcome, introduction
16:15 Update ManTra (Managing transition to SPMS)
16:30 Update UMIMS (Understanding MRI in MS)
16:45 Update Palliative Care Guideline
17:00 Update WEMOMS (motherhood choice decision in MS)
17:15 Power@MS
Nicole & Lisa
17:30 Space for others/discussion
17:50 Break
18:00 Presentation of project ideas*
18:30 Discussion on potential projects to work on
18:50 Conclusion and perspective (SIG in-between meeting in…)

* Before the SIG meeting, participants will receive short presentations of project ideas to discuss together.