Export Academy: e-Commerce Programme

Wednesday 6th July 2022

The Catalyst, Newcastle 

08:45 - 15:30

Events > Export Academy: e-Commerce Programme
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Optimising your Website for Overseas Markets
Presented by Amy Hobson, SocialB
To kickstart international growth and sales, businesses need to have their website ready for international customers. Businesses need to have a clear understanding of their target audience – who they are and what they are interested in – as well as understanding cultural differences and how their audience would want to engage with a business like theirs. From language, to cultural differences, and geographical location, businesses need to know what their audience will want or need from them in order to create a seamless experience for them when they visit their website.

Setting Up and Selling Successfully on Global e-Marketplaces
Presented by Frank Van Den Berg, InfinityBlue
Aimed at people new to selling on international marketplaces, this presentation provides a practical introduction, including how to choose your marketplace and key drivers of success. The focus is on B2C, but and B2B will be covered also.

Take your Social Media to the World: YouTube and Pinterest for Business
Presented by James Pennington, P-Tech
Daily usage of Social Media is reaching nearly 2 hours, no business can afford not to be part of the social media explosion. With your customers spending more and more time engaged with social media channels, your business needs to be of the channels they are using. YouTube and Pinterest are powerful tools in reaching customers and provide a great platform for both awareness and conversion of customers to your products and services.

Marketing your Business Internationally on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
Presented by Amy Hobson, SocialB
In this two-hour session, SocialB will walk businesses through the fundamentals for their social media strategy and what they need to consider. SocialB will explore Facebook, Instagram and TikTok on an international level and provide an understanding of how these platforms are being used by people worldwide, thus helping businesses identify the role these platforms could play in their exporting journey.

Setting Up on Amazon and Starting to Sell Successfully
Presented by Frank Van Den Berg, InfinityBlue
Aimed at people new to selling on Amazon, this presentation provides a highly practical introduction to help prepare, launch and first successful sales. You will take away very practical information and insight to help you make a better start. You will also get specific links and references for further self study. A structured approach. 

Are You Ready for The Plastics Tax?
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