Export Academy: e-Commerce Programme

Wednesday 6th July 2022

The Catalyst, Newcastle 

08:45 - 15:30

Events > Export Academy: e-Commerce Programme
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Amy Hobson
Partner & Social Media Trainer

Amy has worked with SocialB as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Training Partner since 2015. After completing her degrees at Keele University and the University of Birmingham, she has gone on to gain over 20 years varied experience working with many different industries. Her expertise is marketing and business development with a particular focus on franchising and retail.

Amy loves delivering training, and her favourite part of any course is seeing the “light bulb moments” when attendees start to understand how digital marketing works and how they can apply it to their own business to really make a difference.

Frank Van Den Berg
Co-founder and Managing Director
InfinityBlue Marketplaces

Frank started his career at Unilever and General Motors where he was the first international director of ecommerce. He started his own company in 2002, initially focussing on digital marketing and cross border ecommerce through webshops. He founded InfinityBlue Marketplaces in 2010, a company that provides outsourced marketplace management services and advice, day in day out helping over 75 companies optimize their performance on Amazon, TMall, Walmart and 8 other marketplaces through teams in the Amsterdam, Cambridge, Chicago, Leeds, Sao Paolo, Shanghai and Warsaw. He currently acts as Chairman Infinityblue. Frank lives close to Norwich with his wife and two daughters, enjoys sailing, travelling and helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve their full potential.

James Pennington
P-Tech Ltd

James Pennington is the owner and founder of p-tech ltd.  P-tech provides Digital Consultancy to business with the aim of helping them to develop skills in the application of technology into the organisation.  He works with businesses of all sizes from start-up to enterprise level and looks to improve efficiency, productivity, reach and revenue from the application of technology.

He’s have been providing advice to business for over 20 years and delivers services to business through consultancy projects, focused business training workshops and educational services to universities. 

His strengths focus highlighting opportunities with digital marketing activities and also helping customer build sensible requirements.

Richard Laverick
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