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Conference Safety Statement

The safety of all those attending UKISUG Connect has and always will be a top priority. This has never been more the case than it is for this year’s 2021 Event. Additional steps and measures are being taken in line with the Government and public health guidance on COVID-19. Organisers will be following a very strict process with 5 key safeguard measures.

  1. Due Diligence:

Health and safety protocols including COVID-19 measures will be in place for the venue and all suppliers involved in the event. There will be a dedicated on-site Event Manager solely responsible for COVID-19 secure measures ensuring every precaution put in place is adhered to throughout the live event.

  1. Assess and Reduce the Risks:

A COVID Secure Risk Assessment will be in place for the event with every situation evaluated and actions taken to reduce the risk of transmission.

  1. Communication:

Clear communication will be provided to all attendees from the moment they register for the event, right up to the moment they depart. There will be clear steps displayed to follow the safety precautions at the event so that everyone feels as safe as possible and still has the best experience at UKISUG Connect.

  1. Monitoring:

We will be closely monitoring trusted sources (WHO) to maximise the well- being of attendees and all those involved in the event. Keeping as up to date as possible and ensuring any procedures are adapted quickly to meet any new guidelines.

  1. Venue Safety with ICC Venue Protect:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The event will take place at The ICC which is accredited with the VisitEngland ‘We’re Good to Go’ industry charter mark. This verifies that the venue meets the Government and public health guidance on COVID-19 and that they have all the required health and safety processes in place as the venue reopens for events. As one of Europe's premier conference and meeting venues, The ICC has the space to help you feel safe during your visit. The venue wayfinding has been completely reviewed to identify higher footfall areas with new procedures in place to ensure the safe movement of all attendees. Enhanced cleaning measures have been introduced at The ICC with an additional focus on high-frequency touch points, such as lifts, toilets, doors & AV equipment plus over 300 Sanitiser Stations are in place throughout the venue. For more information, please visit:

It is very important to UKISUG that you get the best experience at the event whilst still feeling as safe as possible in a challenging climate, therefore if you have any queries at all then please do not hesitate to contact the conference team at​​​​​​​