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Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract for a poster and/or oral presentation at 14th Abu Dhabi Wound Care Conference 2023.  The scientific committee is inviting all Nurses, Consultants, Surgeons and Allied Health Professionals to showcase their latest researches and case studies in this 2-days event that will give everyone the best learning experiences in science, technology, medical investigation and education in a multidisciplinary fashion. The deadline for all abstracts for both posters and free papers is Sunday, 30th October 2022. Your abstract should be a maximum of 300 words or less (plus the lead author’s full name, institutional affiliation and references, address, including post code, daytime telephone number and email address).

Two days interactive, stimulating discussion and presentations on "Wound Care -  Future Growth Analysis and Challenges". Wound healing, diabetic foot prevention, management, skin tears and latest research findings that can help you establish a different learning approach using evidence-based practice for better results.   

Categories include: 

  • Innovations in practice — from technology to improving patient outcomes 
  • Challenging wound care trends — reducing the variants that affect all wound care providers 
  • Complex and challenging case reports — share your experiences. 
  • Acute Wounds
  • Aging & Senescence
  • Angiogenesis
  • Bioengineering/Biomaterials
  • Burn Wounds
  • Chronic Wounds
  • Epithelialization
  • Extracellular Matrix
  • Fibrosis/Scarring
  • Growth Factors
  • Infections & Biofilms
  • Inflammation & Immunity
  • Novel Therapies
  • Oxygen/Hypoxia
  • Regeneration
  • Stem Cells
  • IIWCG Graduates – Post course activities or projects  

All products should be referred to with generic names. Any papers with brand or company names in the abstract will be rejected. 

Background and Aims
Include one or two sentences to introduce the broad topic area and provide a reason for the study. Provide a clear statement of the aims of the study. A hypothesis could be included in this section.         

In this section information on participants (and/or subjects) should be provided. This may include the number of participants, demographic information such as age and gender as well as the method of recruitment (i.e. a random sample or a convenient sample). Study inclusion and exclusion criteria should be included in this section as well as a sample size calculation if presenting a randomised clinical trial. Measures and procedures used in the study are described in this section. Descriptions of analyses appear in the methods section.

The purpose of the result section is to provide a description of the main findings of the study. Submitted abstracts must include actual results. Results should be expressed as means or medians and the spread of the results indicated as ranges, standard deviations or 95% confidence intervals as appropriate.

In this section you should provide statements of interpretation and implication of findings, as well as comparison with previous literature. It should not be a simple restatement of the results.
All abstracts will be reviewed by the abstract Review Committee within two weeks after the closing date.

If you are advised that your poster has been accepted the following is a list of guidelines to be followed for the makeup of your poster.   

  • Abstracts MUST be submitted in English 
  • Abstract title should be in BLOCK CAPITALS 
  • The content should be original and not presented previously 
  • A blind selection process will be used to review papers 
  • The Review Committee reserves the right to accept abstracts on alternate presentation types to what has been submitted.  

Please do not use abbreviations unless defined in the abstract. All submissions should be in Microsoft Word format. Content should include the following sections:

  • The area for poster presentation (including title) is 100cm high x 80cm wide, which should include space for your title, author(s) and affiliations(s). Please see diagram at the end of this document    
  • Prepare the title, author name(s) and affiliation(s) and text on paper or other material that is light enough in weight to be held by Velcro on the fabric-covered poster panels. The materials can be on one sheet so that it can be rolled up for easy transport to the meeting or can be separate panels for individual mounting  
  • Include the title (75 Font )  
  • Subheading size (30-35 Font)  
  • Text lettering (25-30 Font).  
  • DO NOT write on the poster panels or use pins to affix materials to the panels  
  • To find out where your poster should be hung a list will be on display in the registration area. Look for your name – the list is in alphabetical order. Alongside your name will be a poster board number and the area within the Conference Centre where your poster board is for displaying your poster. Poster numbers are situated on the upper left corner of the poster board  
  • A supply of cohesive tape for affixing your material to the poster board will be available in the poster session areas  

Three Best Abstracts will be awarded and publish on the website post event.