New techniques are needed to access the volume of data that is available, to help us to make sense of it, and to productively leverage the terabytes (trillions) and petabytes (quadrillions) of available data.  New measures can be derived from the thousands of data points per hour that are collected on individual learners as they learn, complete tests, and experience life. Big Data opens doors to investigate new questions about learning and assessment. 

How can we discover and quantify important measures with sufficient reliability and validity?  What data and measures should be preserved versus discarded?  How can the archival data bases be organized in a sensible way for different stakeholders?  What new quantitative techniques will emerge from the brave new world of Big Data?  

This conference will provide an opportunity for researches and practitioners to share their understandings of current processes and findings, as well as to look at opportunities for exploiting Big Data.

Submissions for the conference will be evaluated in terms of:

  • Interest to IAEA Members,
  • Relevance to current assessment issues in research and/or practice,
  • Relevance to the conference theme and, 
  • Clarity of expression

Abstract submissions are now open for 2018 IAEA Conference - please click the login button at the top of the page to create your profile and submit your abstract. Abstract submissions will close on Monday 30th April at midnight (GMT). 

Each Submission has a maximum word count of 300 words and please ensure you pick the correct sub-theme from the drop down list that is provided on the submission page. For more information on the sub-themes please click this link:

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