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 Welcome to the Abstract Submission Portal of the SCDM 2022 Annual Conference


The Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) Programme Committee invites submissions from CDM experts to be considered for a speaking opportunity at the SCDM 2022 Annual Conference. Abstract submission must demonstrate a link to the theme of the SCDM 2022 Annual Conference - Reconnect 

The eight conference themes give an idea of how CDM leaders plan on addressing new opportunities and challenges. They provide a perspective on what CDMs value and what they don’t. They drive home the message that if the past has taught us anything, something entirely off the radar can challenge the status quo, and that its down to the SCDM community to continue writing the narrative. Together, they show innovative ways to shift the paradigm immediately. 


Submit your abstract - Reconnect!


We invite the abstract submssions under the following sessions:


AI + Cognitive Tech: Examining proven solutions, as well as work that is still in prototype, that aim to advance, enrich or improve data sourcing, aggregation and interpretation.

  • Automating Data Classification & Practical Data Use Cases for AI/ML
  • Federated learning: a collaborative effort to achieve Smart Healthcare
  • Good Machine Learning Practice
  • The Journey to Responsible and Ethical AI


DCTs + Efficiencies: Exploring the strategic decentralization of Clinical Trials and how redsigning study protocols, patient engagement and data platforms influence overall outcomes.

  • DCT-More than Buzz-Real-world Examples of Large Scale DCT
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials - An Introduction and Overview
  • How to measure success in a decentralized trial


RB-CDM + Data Integrity: Focusing on the key tools to ensure data generation and collection systems always have the power to perform and deliver data integrity and reliability.

  • Data Analytics - Protecting Data Integrity, Endpoints and Patient Safety
  • Data Management-Driven Change in the RBM to RBQM Transformation
  • Measuring and maintaining high quality on Clinical Trial Data. Is CDM doing enough?
  • RBQM: Kicking the can down the road OR smart/efficient focused reviews ?


CDS + Transformation: The big CDS idea – evolving from CDM and COVID to focus on what's next after a period of time in which everything changed.

  • Collect, Curate, Consume: Sculpting the stepping stones to a Clinical Data Science Infrastructure
  • Covid-19 Data - Clinical Trials Meet Public Health
  • Evolving Data Manager - Data science is no longer novelty


Tech-led innovation + Analytics: Celebrating innovations in the fundamentals of technology, data and communications that unlock better data insights and improved business performance.

  • How Imaging Quality Control Automation Improves Your Endpoint Data
  • Is EDC era coming to an end
  • Leveraging Metadata to Accelerate Clinical Trials
  • Raising Our Standards: Collaboration and Technology for External Vendor Data
  • The FHIR Standard as the eSource strategy going forward
  • Using HL7 FHIR to Automate Clinical Trial Data Transfers


Human + Machine: Focusing on the powerful and ever-evolving possibilities present when the human and machine collaborate and work in tandem. Relevant soft skills development will also be considered.

  • Create Your Own Personal Brand
  • Snapshot of Clinical Data Management Across the Globe
  • Talent Shortages in CDM. What You Can Do About It


Regulations + Standards: Exploring and expanding the thinking around clinical trial regulations and reporting standards, this track aims to support the evolving regulatory agenda and drive it forward.

  • Reality Leaves A Lot to the Imagination, Doesn’t It?


Wild Card: Celebrating high-impact content that goes beyond the norm and shifts traditional approaches to (but not limited to) models, tools, platforms, apps and algorithms.

  • RWE/RWD/Registries/Natural History Studies-How do I make sense of it all?
  • Reimagine Patient Centricity with Tx
  • Rocket fuel for future clinical research


Other Sessions

  • Selected Shorts


To discover more about the session details and speaking at the SCDM 2022 Annual Conference we invite you to consult out Call for Abstracts Guidelines​​​​​​​


Important Deadlines


Call for Abstracts Deadline (extended) May 5
Status notification to submitters  Early June


To submit your contribution,  start with “Login” to create your profile first and then choose “Submissions”. When creating your submission, please read carefully the  Call for Abstracts Guidelines