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 Welcome to the Abstract Submission Portal of the SCDM 2023 Annual Conference

We are thrilled to announce that the SCDM 2023 Annual Conference call for abstracts is now open!

Last year’s conference was the perfect setting for the Clinical Data Management community to reconnect and celebrate imaginative ideas. In 2023, we are taking the next step towards shaping the future of our industry. At #SCDM23 we will explore how to engage and work together towards end-to-end streamlined collaboration to continue driving data integrity, patient safety and improved business performance.

The Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) Program Committee invites submissions from CDM experts for speaking opportunities at the SCDM 2023 Annual Conference within eight themes. For poster presentations, we invite you to carefuly read the "Instructions for Posters" tab before creating your abstract submission. 

The conference themes give an idea of how CDM leaders plan on addressing new opportunities and challenges.

Submit your abstract

We invite the submssion of abstracts under the following conference themes and sessions:

AI + Cognitive Tech: Examining proven solutions, as well as work that is still in prototype, that aim to advance, enrich or improve data sourcing, aggregation and interpretation

  • AI and ML in Clinical Data Management
  • How to Overcome the ever-increasing Diversity of Data Sources in support of Analytics, AI/ML
  • Is Conversational Experience (CX) the new UX for Clinical Data Managers?

CDS + Analytics: CDS practical implementation – real-life case studies, including analytics

  • Enabling the NextGen CDS Data Review
  • Accelerating personalized treatment with clinical decision support system (CDSS)
  • Time to quickly move up the actionable data value chain in non-traditional data sources!

Data Human Evolved: Personal branding in your journey of data management, data science and beyond – how to pivot in an ever-evolving digital environment

  • Getting the "science of clinical trials" into the data scientist role.
  • Organizational Requirements for an Evolving Clinical Data Science
  • Master Human Intelligence to drive Artificial Intelligence in Data Management

DCTs/Hybrids + Patient Journey: ​​​​Enhancing the patient journey through trial design and deployment solutions to create more inclusive trials with greater patient retention and data integrity

  • Improving Patient-Centricity & Choice with Digitally Connected Trials: The true DCT
  • What about the role sytem providers must play together to enhance clinical trial's patient's journey
  • DCT: Patient Journey to Centricity

RB-CDM + Data Integrity: Early engagement with protocol design and risk identification to set the foundation for empowered and reliable trial design, patient safety and data integrity

  • The importance of having Clinical Data Managers as a key part of the Protocol Design Process
  • Project Management Superheroes behind Study Build​​​​​​​

Regulations + Standards: What are the successes and challenges of global clinical trials with respect to regulations, standards and trial design from the lenses of academia, small biotech and large pharma

  • Regulations & Standards: Addressing the challenges & opportunities for academia, pharmas & biotechs
  • Standard mapping for EHR data to CDASH and SDTM CDISC standards

Tech-led innovation + Medical Devices + Coding: Celebrating innovations in the fundamentals of technology, data and communications that unlock better data insights and improved business performance

  • Modern Medical Coding: The Digital Future of Tech-Driven Coding
  • Are you ready for EHR eSource? Lessons from the field.

Wild Card: Celebrating high-impact content that goes beyond the norm and shifts traditional themes and embraces the future

  • Winning the Talent Race: Skills First Hiring via Creative Recruitment Strategies
  • EDC or DDC... Why not both?
  • Time to go SUPER? Exploring beyond the concept of “putting patients at the center of the trial”
  • Enhancing evidence generation by linking clinical trials to real-world data

To discover more about the conference themes and speaking at the SCDM 2023 Annual Conference we invite you to consult our abstract guidelines

Important Deadlines

Call for Abstracts March 26 (extended)
Status notification to submitters May

To submit your contribution, start with “Login” to create your profile first and then choose “Submissions”. When creating your submission, please read carefully the abstract guidelines.