Legal session Protecting media content and brands – stories from the coalface. Key IP challenges facing a global media company and the strategies for tackling these.

Speakers: Diane Hamer – BBC Studios, Head of Business & Legal Affairs Content and Brand Protection, Francesco Dionisio – BBC Studios, Brand Protection Lawyer and Tim Ti – INCOPRO, Brand Protection Team Leader


Soft skills session How to use social media to build your career. Not kill it! Tips, tricks, ideas and mistakes to avoid when using various social media platforms to build your personal brand in your sector.

Speaker: David Gilroy, Managing Director of Stuff & Things, Conscious Solutions


Career development sessionThe ‘O-Shaped Lawyer of the Future. As a profession we need to be far more joined up to ensure our customers are at the heart of everything we do. A transformational change of approach is needed, and it starts with the way we educate and develop our people to broaden their skillsets and create more all-rounded lawyers. Dan suggests that these ‘O Shaped’ Lawyers will be the industry leaders for many years to come and explains how he is turning this proposition into a reality.

Speaker: Dan Kayne, General Counsel for the Regions team at Network Rail