23rd Post-ASH meeting 2021
Karolien Beel (ZNA Middelheim)

Dr Karolien Beel studied internal medicine and haematology at KU Leuven. She obtained a PhD at the Centre of human Genetics Leuven in 2010. Since 2011, she works as a haematologist in ZNA Antwerpen. She is member of the BPIDG and a consultant at CME Leuven.

Timothy Devos (UZ Leuven)

Professor Timothy Devos is staff member of the Hematology department at the University Hospitals Leuven since 2007. He obtained a PhD at KU Leuven in 2008 and now is Professor at the Faculty of Medicine KU Leuven. His special interests are the treatment of myeloproliferative neoplasms, transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. He is member of the BHS board and chairman of the MPN/CML subcommittee of the BHS. He is in involved in several clinical trials on MPN, PNH and transfusion.

Chantal Doyen (UCL Mont Godinne Namur)

Born in 1954, Pr Chantal Doyen graduated as medical doctor in 1978 and in internal medicine in 1983, at the University Catholic of Louvain (UCL). Since 1983, she is working as clinical hematologist in Mont-Godinne, now CHU UCL Namur. She was head of the department after Pr Bosly and before Pr André. She has a special interest for Multiple Myeloma and was member of the board of the Intergroupe Francophone du Myélome (IFM) for more than 20 years, responsible as Belgian principal investigator for the initiation of the IFM clinical trials in Belgium. She was also a member of the board of the BHS and formerly chairman of the BHS MM committee. Pr Doyen is emeritus since 2019 and she is still active as consultant in hematology and responsible for the supportive and palliative care in Mont-Godinne .She is also invested in the Frenchspeaking MM patient’s association MYMU.

Ann Janssens, BHS President (UZ Leuven)

Prof. Ann Janssens is Head of Clinics in the Department of Hematology at Leuven University Hospital, Leuven, Belgium. She obtained her medical degree from the University of Ghent, before specializing there in hematology. In vitro apoptosis and clonal evolution in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) was the title of her doctoral thesis.

Prof. Janssens has a special interest in CLL and other indolent lymphomas and also in immune thrombocytopenias (ITP). She acts as a co-ordinator for Phase I–IV clinical studies relating to CLL-low grade lymphomas and ITP. She has published in several peer-reviewed journals. She is a member of the editorial board of The Belgian Journal of Hematology. Since 2019 she is the President of the Belgian Hematological Society.

Raphaël Lattenist (UC Louvain)

I am a trainee at the hematology unit of the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc (UCLouvain) with interests in the fields of myeloid malignancies and bone marrow transplantation. This obviously implies a lack of experience that I compensate by a huge scientific curiosity and good self-learning abilities. In 2019, on behalf of the Société Francophone de Greffe de Moelle et de Thérapie Cellulaire (SFGM-TC), I had the opportunity to be part of a team of trainees sent to the European Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) annual meeting to produce up-to-date educational material. One year later, I am honored to repeat the experience of covering the topic of transplantation at this year's virtual ASH meeting and bring back the breaking news to the BHS.

Ann Van De Velde (UZA Antwerpen)

Ann Van de Velde is senior Hematologist at the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA). Together with colleagues Philip Maes, Kirsten Saevels and Ann Devos she is responsible for the multidisciplinary transition of care of patients with red blood cell disorders and their follow up in clinical trials. She is active member of the Belgian Red Blood Cell Disorders Committee, the Belgian Multiple Myeloma Committee and the Cellular Therapy Working Party of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation. She coordinates the Hematology cluster at the Medical Oncology Center Antwerp (MOCA) and performs clinical activities in Lier and Rumst.

Jan Van Droogenbroeck (AZ Sint-Jan Brugge)

Jan Van Droogenbroeck, MD, was trained in the AZ St Jan Hospital Brugge, the University Hospital Ghent and the Myeloma Institute for Research and Treatment of Myeloma in Little Rock, US. He was a staff member in the University Hospital Antwerp and he is currently the head of the department of hematology in the AZ St Jan Hospital Brugge.His special interests include the therapy of multiple myeloma and the chronic myeloproliferative disorders.

Marie-Christiane Vekemans (UCL Saint-Luc Bruxelles)

Marie-Christiane Vekemans is Associate Professor at the Medical School of the Catholic University of Louvain. She is member of several scientific societies, member of the board of HOVON and the IFM, and served as Vice-President of the Belgian Hematology Society from 2013 to 2019. Her main interests concern plasma cell dyscrasia and amyloidosis, acute leukemia and mastocytosis. She is involved in several clinical trials on myeloma, acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplasia.

Vibeke Vergote (UZ Leuven)

Vibeke Vergote, MD is a hematologist at the University Hospital Leuven (Belgium) since 2016. She completed her medical degree at the KU Leuven and trained as a hematologist at the University Hospital Leuven. Dr Vergote’s special interest is the treatment of patients with aggressive lymphoma, autologous stem cell transplantation and apheresis. She is involved in several clinical lymphoma studies. Currently, she is doing her PhD on novel imaging techniques in aggressive lymphoma. She is member of the lymphoma subcommittee of the BHS and the HOVON lymphoma working party.