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Join our UK delegation at the
Three Seas Initiative (3SI)

The Three Seas Initiative (3SI) was launched 9 years ago as a platform for providing political support for economic development and enhanced intra-regional and cross-border cooperation and connectivity between 12 EU Member States, bordering the Baltic, the Adriatic and the Black Sea. In 2023, Greece became the 13th country to join the initiative. Moldova and Ukraine have a ‘partner-participant’ status.

The Three Seas initiative aims to promote cooperation, first and foremost, for the development of infrastructure in the energy, transport, and digital sectors. It targets new investments, economic growth, and energy security.

As of June 2022 the total number of interconnection projects under the Three Seas Initiative has reached 91 grossing an estimated investment value of 168.4 billion euros.

This year, Vilnius will be hosting the event, including Business Forum, on 11 April 2024 with energy transformation, digital innovations and cybersecurity ecosystems, transport transformation, financial instruments and Ukraine’s reconstruction themes being the main focus.

As in previous years, Department for Business and Trade plans to bring together a strong business delegation to represent the UK at the 3SI Business Forum. If you are interested in joining the delegation please express your interest by completing the registration form.

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Vilnius, Lithuania
11 April 2024

Please express your interest in joining the mission by completing the following:

Registration form

Registration is open until 29 February 2024 and interested companies are encouraged to register early as there are limited number of places.

The deadline for registration has been extended to 15 March 2024.

Registrations will be subject to prior approval.

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Three Seas Initiative (3SI) Agenda

Download agenda
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Three Seas Initiative (3SI) Concept Note

Download Concept
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Growing Green Together is a regional clean growth campaign from the UK's Department for Business and Trade in Europe spanning the Northern Europe & the Baltic region.

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