EIF National Conference 2017

09:15 Registration & coffee
10:00 Welcome from our chair
Dame Clare Tickell DBE, Chair, Early Intervention Foundation (EIF)
10:05 Welcome from our sponsor
Mark Raeburn, Director, Capita One
10:10 Early intervention – opportunities and challenges
Carey Oppenheim, Chief Executive, EIF

Followed by Q&A
Carey Oppenheim, Chief Executive, EIF
Tom McBride, Director of Evidence, EIF
Donna Molloy, Director of Dissemination, EIF
10:50 Break
11:05 Breakout 1: Can early intervention improve social mobility?
What are the essential life skills that foster life chances and social mobility? How can we embed them across a child and young person’s life?

Chair: Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive, Education Endowment Foundation
  • Professor Robin Banerjee, University of Sussex
  • Dr Daniel Acquah, Senior Analyst, EIF
  • Bethia McNeil, Centre for Youth Impact
  • Debbie Weekes-Bernard, Policy and Research Manager, JRF
  Breakout 2: Can early intervention make a difference to the most vulnerable children?
Where and for which groups of children can early intervention make the most difference? What are the signals of risk which are most predictive of future problems and how can they be spotted and effectively responded to in order to prevent poor outcomes for the most vulnerable?

Chair: Isabelle Trowler, Chief Social Worker, Department for Education
  • Donna Molloy, Director of Dissemination, EIF
  • Ian Thomas, Director of Children’s Services, Rotherham
  • Stephen Rimmer, Director of Impact and Learning, Barnardos
  • Dr Warren Larkin, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Lead for the Department of Health – Adverse Childhood Experiences Programme
  Breakout 3: Is service integration the answer?
There have been many attempts to integrate services to meet children’s needs earlier and more effectively. Is this approach working or is it just shuffling the deckchairs? Would we be better focusing on GPs and schools, who already have a central role in children’s lives, as the route to more effective early intervention?

Chair: Christine Davies CBE, Trustee, EIF
  • Sara Tough, Director of Children's Services, Dorset County Council
  • Colin Williams, Director of Transformation, Newcastle City Council
  • Ben Lewing, Senior Advisor, EIF
  • Dr Anand Chitnis, Chair & Clinical Lead, Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group
  Breakout 4: How should services reflect what we know about the importance of the inter-parental relationship?
Relationships lie at the heart of how children develop and flourish; learning how to communicate and resolve the conflict between adults are critical building blocks. How can local services implement the evidence on inter-parental relationship to create a change in children’s life?

Chair: Jean Gross CBE, Trustee, EIF
  • Professor Gordon Harold, Andrew and Virginia Rudd Chair, University of Sussex
  • Honor Rhodes, Director of Strategy, Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships
  • Dr Sarah Wynick, Head of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dawn Jones, Flying Start Midwife, Luton Council
12:15 Lunch & exhibition
13:15 Keynote Address
Alison Michalska, President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services
13:45 Breakout sessions 1–4 repeated
15:00 Panel discussion: Does evidence really matter?
How far can evidence really guide decisions about commissioning, services and practice and help us make the best use of resources to improve children’s lives? How should decision-makers and commissioners use the evidence intelligently? Does evidence have its limits and what do we do if there are questions evidence can’t answer?

Chair: Dame Clare Tickell DBE, Chair, EIF
  • Dr David Halpern, National Advisor on What Works; Chief Executive, Behavioural Insights Team
  • Abdool Kara, Executive Leader, National Audit Office
  • Ali Stathers-Tracey, Director, Complex Dependency Programme, Warrington Council
  • Tom McBride, Director of Evidence, EIF
16:00 Conversation: Reflections on care and parenting support
Kerry Littleford, Public Health Practitioner, London Borough of Hackney
Louise Tickle, Education and Social Affairs Journalist
16:30 Dame Clare Tickell DBE, Chair, EIF