Travel and Arrival

If you plan to travel by air, please book your ticket to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. If you travel by train (or Thalys) the nearest train stations for international trains are Den Haag HS, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and Utrecht (when coming from Germany). All these train stations have a connection to Leiden Central Station.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has a good train connection to Leiden Central Station (every 15 minutes). After your arrival at the Airport, walk towards the central hall of the terminal (the so-called ‘Schiphol Plaza’). Train tickets for travel within the Netherlands can be purchased at the yellow ticket machines located in Schiphol Plaza, near the entrance to the railway platforms or at the ticket counters. These ticket counters are located in Schiphol Plaza, near the red-and-white-checked cube.

The journey to Leiden Central Station takes 15-20 minutes. A single ticket costs about €6. Should you wish to view the train schedules beforehand, please visit the website of the Dutch train service.