Pre- and Parallel Events

The 11th Engaging With Vietnam Conference (EWV) in conjunction with ICAS 11
Vietnam in Europe, Europe in Vietnam: Identity, Transnationality and Mobility of People, Ideas and Practices across Time and Space

Organised by: EWV and ICAS
15-16 July 2019, Leiden, the Netherlands

EWV 11 will take place alongside ICAS11 and promises to be an exciting experience for EWV 11 participants and ICAS 11 participants. Both sides can engage in a diverse range of scholarly and professional activities that both ICAS and EWV have built up over the years and take pride in.

Having just completed its 10th Conference that sought to examine and move beyond dichotomies in knowledge production about and on Vietnam, Engaging With Vietnam is pleased to announce that EWV 11 will focus on one particular, and particularly complex, dichotomy/relation: Vietnam and Europe. This particular focus of EWV 11 intersects with ICAS 11’s theme “Asia and Europe. Asia in Europe.”

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Asia and Europe: Histories of Entanglement

Organised by: Leiden University College, The Hague
15 July 2019, The Hague, the Netherlands

2019 marks three decades since the end of the Cold War, its aftermath marked by the ‘end of history’ thesis. Political and ideological transformations converged around an elite consensus concerning liberal democracy and global capitalism. Yet talk of a peace dividend notwithstanding, optimism has given way to disillusionment and resentment, in many Western and non-Western countries. Indeed, the current historical moment is marked by unprecedented challenges, including xenophobic nationalism, systemic racism, an indefinite global war on terror, and a collective ecological malaise. The post-WWII narrative of unilinear progress, and the Enlightenment ideal of collective prosperity, is now questioned.

The ICAS 11 Pre-Event on 15th July at Leiden University College in The Hague poses crucial questions about collective imaginings, in Asia and Europe, in regard to the historical conditions which shape today’s world at local and global levels. How do the histories of Europe and Asia interact, converge, and diverge? What are the enduring legacies and sentiments of these narratives?

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Engaging Translations and Circulations Across Asia and Europe Workshops

Organised by: Heidelberg’s Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies
16-19 July 2019, Leiden, the Netherlands

How can we trace the circulation and translation of texts, images, sounds, and objects across national and regional boundaries, and how can we make sense of the involved agents’ actions and itineraries, without adhering to methodological nationalism or disciplinary reifications of essences? ICAS 2019 offers an ideal platform to discuss the conceptual and methodological challenges arising from such questions for critical Asia Studies.

To advance these discussions, scholars working at or affiliated with Heidelberg’s Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) are convening a series of hands-on workshops on three consecutive days. The workshops are designed for junior scholars studying processes of circulation and translation within and between Asia and Europe who may benefit from discussing the concepts and methods they deploy with other researchers but potentially also with artists, curators, collectors, filmmakers, novelists or bloggers who share their interests.>/p>

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