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About the GEPxASEAN Webinar Series

The three-part series will introduce start-ups from Thailand and other ASEAN nations to the start-up ecosystem and entrepreneur network in the UK, to help them scale up, raise funds and expand into the global market. Pae Natwilai, one of Europe’s Forbes 30 Under 30 and a Thai entrepreneur who successfully launched her drone mapping and 3D reporting software for structural inspection business in the UK will also share her experience.

Series 1: Introduction to the UK startup ecosystem

Series 2: Sourcing Finance in the UK

Series 3: Sharing her experience - with Pae Natwilai, Thai entrepreneur and GEP Alumni

Series 1: Tap into the UK startup ecosystem

Learn from the global tech powerhouse how you could accelerate your business to the next level. The first session of the GEPxASEAN Webinar Series will introduce you the UK startup ecosystem. What makes the UK the global tech powerhouse providing home to 77 tech unicorns. Mentors from the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) will walk you through how ASEAN startups could leverage the UK as their strategic location to scale up their business.


password: MqdszRU5

Series 2: Sourcing Finance in the UK

The series will focus on how Thai and ASEAN entrepreneurs can raise finance and access markets in the UK

Here you will:

Understand the Financial Landscape of the UK

Be briefed about the Market access in the UK

Gain a chance to do a 5-minute pitch to UK VC's by registering to the 'Speed Pitching' session



Series 3: Meet the GEP Alumni and Talks on 'ASEAN Scalability'

Be prepared for a virtual Christmas party like no other! 

  • Be prepared to meet, Pae Natwilai, Europe’s Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018) and one of the 3 Thai National that has qualified for the Global Entrepreneur Programme for a fireside chat on her journey to establishing her drone mapping and 3D reporting software business in the UK with GEP Dealmaker Tony Hughes. 
  • Join a hybrid roundtable discussion moderated by Aim Amarit Chareonphan on ‘ASEAN Startups and Scalability’ featuring ASEAN Entrepreneurs and Investors. 


password: WyNeue9G

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