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Virtual Meet the Buyer - Anglo American Operations in Brazil 

Opportunities for UK Companies

12th and 13th May 2021

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If you are an UK company and are interested in the Brazilian Mining sector, this is the right opportunity for you to showcase your expertise.

The Department for International Trade, in partnership with Anglo American Brazil, is hosting a Virtual Meet the Buyer to introduce UK businesses to their projects in Brazil. Anglo American is especially interested in partners for: 

  • Personnel Monitoring
  • Personnel Management and Productivity;
  • Improve health and well-being;
  • Information Visualization and Communication;
  • Operational Availability.


Detailed challenges: 

  1.  Personnel Monitoring: Actions related to the real-time monitoring of employees, physical conditions, access control and permissions, as well as local traceability within sites;
  • Interests:
      • Monitoring vital signs and fatigue;
      • Monitoring behavior;
      • Local traceability, Access Control and Permissions;
      • Analysis of health, incidents and profile

  1. Personnel Management and Productivity: Monitoring of functional record; customized analysis with management information; personnel allocation according to psychological aptitude and affinity to the work. Monitoring the impact of the trainings, productivity gains, changes in habits, as well as the allocation of time and dedication; define the main indicators for effective measurement; Focus on the relationship between people and process.
  • Interests:
      • Customized, individualized and data-based HR;
      • Monitoring the effectiveness of training and management of employee productivity

  1. Improve health and well-being: Mechanisms to minimize, mitigate or compensate the direct impacts of operations in the community and ensure well-being and health for residents.
  • Interests:
      • Reduce the direct impact of dust  in the community;
      • Reduce the direct impact of vibration in the community;
      • Reduce the direct impact of noise in the community;
      • Assist the community in post pandemic period;
      • Monitor indicators of economic development and Human Development Index (HDI)

  1. Information Visualization and Communication: Facilitate the access, the visualization and communication of information related to the operation, processes and action plans.
    • Interests:
      • Improve communication and visualization of operational information and action plans.

  2. Operational availability:Actions related to the improvement and optimization of equipment availability and assets, through predictive maintenance and maintenance processes.
  • Interests:
  • Models for asset life prediction;
  • Optimizing maintenance strategies;
  • Specialized maintenance training; 


*Exclusive to UK companies. 


Applications are closed.


  • Results and Meeting Scheduling: 06th May - 10th May
  • Opening event: 12th May
  • 1 - 2 - 1 Meetings: 12th May and 13th May