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Midlands UK eBrochure: Arab Health 2022

UK Company Profiles: January 2022

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Located in the centre of the United Kingdom, the Midlands is both the heartbeat and the engine-room of the nation's economy.

The Midlands is home to one of the most important Life Sciences ecosystems in the UK with more than 1200 life science companies and the second largest concentration of MedTech companies in the UK based here. It is also a major centre for clinical research, which stems from its high number of world class universities, research centres and incubators.

The City of Nottingham, home to MediCity based within the Walgreen Boots Alliance UK’s headquarters, is where biotechnology, life science product and diagnostics, medical device and industrial biotechnology companies can showcase their products and services to leaders and decision makers within Walgreen Boots Alliance amongst others. The area is designed to encourage collaboration and productivity.

Located in Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, the Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM) brings experts together to turn medical science into innovative patient and healthcare system applications, academic clinicians, clinical informatics, biostatisticians and trial design experts in biomarker development and validation.

Midlands Health Innovation is a collaboration of eight world-class Universities (Aston, Birmingham, Cranfield, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, and Warwick), combining their collective excellence to unite the power of University research with the unique strengths of Midlands industry to drive cutting edge innovation and skills development. Midlands Innovation have supported the Government, NHS, frontline services and communities during the COVID 19 outbreak with the universities in the Midlands uniting to help with the fight against the virus.

"We are living in unusual times. COVID-19 continues to impact every part of our lives, in every corner of the world. Businesses engaged in international trade have experienced uniquely challenging trading circumstances as a result of the global pandemic.

As we move forward, we are seeing inspiring innovations and new ways of working that will propel this region’s economic recovery in the future and the region’s strengths in the life science and medtech sectors."


Ian Harrison
Deputy Director of Trade
DIT Midlands

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  Louise Stock is the Life Sciences and Bioscience Sector Specialist at the Department for International Trade East Midlands and Midlands Engine Life Sciences Advisor. She is also is the Middle East and North Africa specialist.  
You can visit Louise at Arab Health 2022 on the UK Government Midlands booth located in Hall 2 at stand number G18.
  Contact Louise:  
  Tel: +44 (0)7769 301805  
  Email: louise.stock@mobile.trade.gov.uk  
  About the Department for International Trade:  
  The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export, drives inward and outward investment, negotiates market access and trade deals, and champions free trade.  
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UK Midlands Delegate Profiles: Arab Health 2022

We have gathered together delegates from across the Midlands region who are keen to collaborate and work with international companies and organisations:

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4R Holdings

Robin Hornby, Managing Director

E: rh@4rhq.com
W: www.4rhq.com

Company Profile:

4R are introducing a newly, designed and clinically tested market leading innovative health product to the Middle East, which enables health professionals to offer a tried and tested (clinically tested in the UK) method to stop Teeth Grinding and Clenching (BRUXISM) in their patients. This is done by using a UK designed and developed device, that requires no surgery and is innovative in its methodology, simply insert the ear tip into the ear, without the need for any surgery or use of intra oral mouth guards/devices.

4R are looking to meet health care professionals and clinical groups in the Dental/ENT specialisation, with a view to introducing this innovated product to the Middle East and wider geographical areas.

Managing Director Robin Hornby has several decades of experience of living and working in the Middle East.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• New Clients
• Protecting the environment
• Reduce manufacturing costs

Looking to connect with:
• Dental clinic
• Sleep professionals
• Hearing specialists



Advancis Surgical

John Gray, Director of Group Sales & Marketing
Emma Hopkinson, International Sales Manager

T: +44 (0)1623 751500
E: info@advancissurgical.com
W: www.advancissurgical.com

Company Profile:

Advancis Surgical is a UK based medical device manufacturer, and was launched to create a platform serving the operating room environment with a focus towards ground-breaking medical device technologies. Our flagship product, The Hemosep system, salvages blood loss during surgery and recycles it so that it can be transfused back to the patient. Hemosep is unique. By returning all cell species, including platelets and red blood cells back to the patient, it reduces post-operative bleeding and therefore improves patient outcomes.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Meet potential new Distributors for our new Surgical division
• Meet existing Distributors to create additional business opportunities
• Awareness of new technology to the market

Looking to connect with:
• Distributors
• Customers
• Clinicians



AG Instruments Ltd

Hany Agaiby, Managing Director
Aidan Abrahart, Applications Engineer
Nancy Agaiby, Sales Adviser

T: +44 (0)1926 676157
E: hagaiby@aginstruments.co.uk
W: www.MGPSTesting.co.uk

Company Profile:

AG Instruments designs and manufactures the world’s only All-in-One piped medical gas analysers.

The MGPS1000 gas analyser combines all the gas measurements required by any of the ISO7396, HTM02-01 or NFPA99 standards in one compact instrument which uses optimal gas sensing technologies to measure the required gases simultaneously. The company also offers “Made to Measure” piped medical gas analysers that are customised to suit the needs of piped medical gas testing professionals around the world.

AG Instruments innovation has been recognised through UK and US patents and has recently been awarded the 2021 "Product Innovation of the Year" highly commended prize by IHEEM, the UK's institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management. AGI is an ISO9001 company which prides itself on providing quality products that exceed customer expectations and offer great user experience.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Identify distributors in different countries
• Identifying leads
• Promoting the company and products

Looking to connect with:
• Potential distributors
• Customers i.e. hospitals and gas testing companies
• Piped medical gas professionals



Ariane Medical Systems Ltd

Simon Bernard, CEO
Mark Davies, International Sales Manager

T: +44 (0)1332 242258
E: mark.davies@arianemedicalsystems.com
W: www.arianemedicalsystems.com

Company Profile:

Ariane Medical Systems Ltd was established in 2005 to answer a clinical request to develop an X-ray Brachytherapy System for the management of lower rectal tumours, known as the Papillon Technique. The Papillon treatment was well recognised for the treatment of rectal cancers in inoperable patients, be this due to fragility, age or associated comorbidities. What was need was 21st century technology to breath new life into this well respected treatment.

Since the development of the first Papillon50 system in 2009, the Papillon technique has seen a massive increase in popularity across Europe. With an ageing but ultimately fitter population, today’s clinical focus has moved on to Watch and Wait and Organ Preservation in the treatment of lower rectal tumours and the Papillon X-ray Brachytherapy systems are offering a real choice for operable patients. Patients who are interested in avoiding a permanent stoma can be treated by the Papillon system either by itself or in conjunction with existing external beam and chemotherapy with a view to avoiding radical surgery and improving their overall Quality of Life.

Ariane’s latest Papillon+™ X-Ray Brachytherapy delivery system has taken the High-Dose Rate, Low-Energy methodology of the rectal treatment and successfully applied it to superficial skin cancers and Interoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) applications including a single IORT boost for breast cancer patients. This ability to offer direct, fast, secure, interoperative applications is opening new potential treatment options for the treatment of tumour beds or surgical margins. This IORT capability is even more important as we begin to realise this Covid world is not going away soon and restricting patient hospital in-time becomes more important.

With our Papillon treatment systems having treated thousands of patients in 6 countries across Europe, with new systems planned in Africa and India in 2022, our goal for Arab Health 2022 is to connect with clinical and commercial partners across the globe and to bring this system and its clinical applications to your markets and most importantly your patients.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Looking for sales/service partners/distributors
• Meet hospital group oncology development representatives
• Clinical Oncology/Surgical professionals

Looking to connect with:
• distributors/ Hospital suppliers
• DIT country heads
• Doctors and surgeons



DDM Health

Arjun Panesar, Founding CEO
Charlotte Summers, Founding Chief Operations Officer

T: +44 (0)2476 712201
E: arjun@ddm.health
W: www.ddm.health

Company Profile:

DDM Health provide clinically proven digital therapies (apps) that are used to treat and self-manage a range of health conditions including obesity, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, long COVID and mental health. Used by over 1.8 million people, DDM's award-winning health therapies are personalised to users' data and preferences and available on the web, iOS, Android, smart watch, smart speakers and smart TVs.

DDM uses its big data driven predictive models to stratify and underwrite risk, triage patients, intelligently treat chronic health conditions, and self-manage physical and emotional wellbeing. Peer-reviewed outcomes show participants improve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression by 23%, 32% and 31% respectively at 12-weeks. Participants with diabetes lose over 7% of body weight at 1-year and reduce medication dependency by 61%. DDM's apps are available in a range of languages, including Arabic.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Looking for buyers
• Looking for distributors
• Looking for clinical partners / research partners

Looking to connect with:
• Buyers
• Researchers
• Insurance



Derwen College

Meryl Green, Principal and CEO
Zoe Wood, Head of Curriculum

T: +44 (0)1691 661234
E: international@derwen.ac.uk
W: www.derwen.ac.uk

Company Profile:

Derwen College is an award-winning UK-based specialist further education college. We deliver exceptional programmes and a rich learning environment for young people, aged 16-25 years, with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) including Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Behaviours of Concern, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and other physical, developmental and learning disabilities.

Founded over 90 years ago, we are still at the forefront in sharing best practice in training and education for people with learning disabilities between nations and cultures, creating bespoke staff training programmes for educational and care providers, and consulting on educational and training pathways and interventions. We currently work with healthcare and educational organisations in the UAE, Kuwait and other regions.

Objectives in attending Arab Health are to establish links including:
• Health Authorities supporting learning disabilities
• Government Departments across healthcare/special education
• Organisations working with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Down’s Syndrome, other chromosomal disorders, Behaviours of Concern (formerly Challenging Behaviour) and PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties)
• Special schools/Special colleges/Training providers
• Rehabilitation Centres
• Research bodies
• Medical practitioners with an interest in learning disability
• Assistive technology providers
• Charities working with learning disabilities

Derwen’s approach is based around vocational and independence training to support transition from specialist education into supported employment and supported or independent living. Education and training takes place within real-life work settings on the College campus, including a training hotel, restaurants, garden centre, print shop, charity shop, and a gift shop selling food products and gifts, many of which are made by students. Vocational Pathways include ‘Hospitality and Food’, ‘Horticulture’, ‘Retail and Enterprise’ and ‘Performing Arts’. We offer a pre-vocational pathway ‘Learning for Life’ for students not yet ready for a customer facing environment. Our latest programme is ‘Nurture’ a highly bespoke sensory provision for young people with PMLD. Student outcomes are impressive. Number of leavers going into paid employment far exceed the national average for young people with SEND. Partnership working is central to our ethos. We have an extensive network of employer and business partners. An example is our collaboration in the development of an award-winning suite of mobile apps to support young people with SEND in work experience and to help them move forward successfully into the workplace.

Care and support facilities include a hydrotherapy pool, sport and leisure facilities, and a wellbeing centre, supported by highly trained and experienced care, medical and therapy staff. Derwen also offers adults with learning disabilities, and their families, the opportunity to enjoy our respite care facilities, equipped with specialist equipment such as hoists and accessible rooms. We work to support individuals to achieve beyond what they, and others, believe possible – and challenge them to do more. We value and respect everyone as an individual and try to go above and beyond to meet all their needs. The college has received three consecutive ‘outstanding’ Ofsted gradings; numerous awards for the application of technology; the NASEN Award for 16-25 provision 2021; the Pearson Gold Award for Excellence in Specialist Education 2021 and the TES FE Awards Specialist Provider of the Year 2021.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• To explore SEND provision in global markets
• To identify opportunities for collaboration
• To establish partnerships in Special Educational Needs

Looking to connect with:
• Health Authorities and Education Government Departments
• Organisations working with Learning Disabilities
• Training colleges/Rehabilitation Centres/Educators/Clinicians



EIDO Healthcare

Ben Standeven, Director of International Development

T: +44 (0)115 878 1000
E: gcc@eidohealthcare.com
W: www.eidohealthcare.com

Company Profile:

EIDO Healthcare provides health professionals with resources and support around informed consent. We provide a complete and comprehensive range of content, processes, systems and solutions to successfully manage and deliver patient education for informed consent and informed consent.

Our knowledge and experience in medico-legal informed consent over the past 20 years means that we can help mitigate and reduce the risk of litigation and legal claims, lower operational costs and increase patient satisfaction by improving a patient's understanding of their procedure.

Developed by surgeons for surgeons, we deliver content and cloud-based solutions which are designed to support health professionals in achieving excellence in obtaining and recording informed consent from patients.

The EIDO Consent Suite can be bought directly by hospitals/clinics or individual practitioners, or seamlessly integrated by 3rd party healthcare technology providers into other systems.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Selling to hospitals
• Looking for technology partners
• Looking for distributors

Looking to connect with:
• Surgeons
• Hospital Managers



Gulf UK Gateway Ltd

Ehab Alsayagh, Managing Director

T: +44 (0)1513 240567
E: Ehab@Gulf-UK-Gateway.co.uk
W: www.Gulf-UK-Gateway.co.uk

Company Profile:

The Gulf UK Gateway is a British company which provides companies in the Arabian gulf with legitimate access to the UK healthcare and pharmaceutical marketplaces to help them to source high quality and excellent value genuine British products. We believe that there is still significant unlocked trading potential between the United Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf Countries, so we work with British businesses to provide them with a gateway to explore new business opportunities in the wider Middle Eastern region and to expand their markets internationally.

The G.C.C (Gulf Cooperation Council) and Iraq are increasingly open to do business with western countries, and we have reliable and credible businesspeople in that region who will ensure things run smoothly in each individual country and of course our well respected and qualified team in the UK. In addition we have an excellent understanding of the Middle Eastern business culture(s) which guarantees effective communication which is absolutely essential if any business venture is going to succeed in that part of the world.

Quality and longevity are now more widely recognised in the Middle East, so our aim is to simply provide local businesses in that region with high quality British products, delivered to them in a timely manner and competitively priced too.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Work with the Department for International Trade to develop our business internationally
• Introduce the Gulf UK Gateway and our range of services and products to the wider Arab market
• Networking opportunities and to meet potential customers (mainly distributors) face to face which is key in this part of the world

Looking to connect with:
• Distributors and local business seeking to source high quality and excellent value genuine British health care and pharmaceutical products, food supplements and medical devices.



Lifeplan Products Ltd

Iain Laing, Commercial Director

T: +44 (0)1455 556281
E: iain.laing@lifeplan.co.uk
W: www.lifeplan.co.uk

Company Profile:

Since 1983 Lifeplan has sold and manufactured the highest quality health supplements for customers worldwide under its Lifeplan, Healthilife and OatWell brands. Lifeplan health supplements use only the best quality ingredients and are formulated by in-house nutritional biochemists, who constantly innovate to ensure we deliver to the highest standards for our customers. With a strong tradition based on family values, Lifeplan was founded in Leicestershire, UK almost 40 years ago. Today its extensive range features over 300 formulations, including organic and vegan ranges.

Lifeplan is a leading brand with a long-standing heritage in the UK health food industry. Lifeplan manufactures its own products, which are distributed to over 40 countries around the world. All products in the Lifeplan range are manufactured in the UK and produced to the highest standards, in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

A GMP licence is a quality standard applied at every stage of the business to give customers complete confidence about how Lifeplan’s products are manufactured. GMP covers the complete cycle of production and quality control of a food supplement, from the acquisition of all materials through all stages of subsequent processing, packaging and storage to the distribution or release of the finished product. GMP status means that Lifeplan also has a manufacturer license issued by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This ensures that its supplement manufacturing is carried out in a pharmaceutical environment, maintaining the quality and stability of even the most sensitive ingredients. Lifeplan products are Kosher accredited and approved by the Vegan Society and Soil Association (for organic products). Lifeplan is actively seeking to grow its international presence with a focus on Lifeplan health supplements and OatWell – concentrated single dosage oat beta-glucan products, proven to reduce cholesterol.

Lifeplan’s in-house team of quality, technical and regulatory experts works closely with customers to ensure the product registration process is managed quickly and efficiently. As well as its own Lifeplan brand, Lifeplan Contract Manufacturing offers a full ‘turnkey’ solution for customers wishing to create their own brands for their local markets. The approach is to make it as easy as possible for customers by delivering a seamless end-to-end service. Lifeplan's capabilities are its core strength, together with the commitment and dedication of its team. Lifeplan prides itself on delivering the highest quality products and service. All enquiries are welcome from potential partners.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Understand the market
• Connect with interested parties and obtain sales leads
• Network

Looking to connect with:
• Distributors of health food supplements




David Lawlor, National sales manager
Mike Hoskins, Managing director

T: +44 (0)116 276 6948
E: davidmlawlor@medalingroup.co.uk
W: www.medalin.co.uk

Company Profile:

Based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, Medalin Ltd are one of the largest UK manufacturers of specialist medical textiles and consumer hosiery. Our company is made up of three different key sectors.

Medalin Prosthetics: Medalin Prosthetic Services was founded in 1994 and is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of prosthetic sleeves and socks. The equipment used to produce our range of prosthetic garments is unique to the industry and has been specifically developed using our in house expertise. It has been designed to give the highest standards of quality and repeatability. High quality materials and strict quality controls ensure Medalin branded products are the finest in the industry. We use only the highest quality long fibre-combed cotton spun to our own specification which gives a softer skin feel. Combining this with materials such as Lycra® brings enhanced standards of comfort and fit to the wearer. We work closely with our customers to continuously update and improve our product ranges, most recently developing the Ultra Wide Terry and Ultra Wide Terry Prosthetic Sock ranges for use with the Silicone Lock-Pin system. We have used our expertise in manufacturing prosthetic sleeves to develop the Wellness Comfort range which incorporates Diabetic and Oedema socks which are sold in the UK and internationally. We use our medical expertise to produce the highest quality socks for everyday wear supplying some of the UK’s very best companies. Medalin Medical Hosiery-Medalin (Saphena) AES: We have manufactured the Medalin (Saphena) range of Anti Embolism Stockings (AES) at our production facility in Lutterworth, Leicestershire since 2002. Originally designed by senior vascular surgeons and scientists in conjunction with the Medalin product development team, the brand is a market leader within NHS Supply Chain. Medalin AES is available through the NHS Supply Chain, Private Hospitals, and internationally.

The Medalin development team continue to develop and improve the product offering with an innovative “Grip Sole “ product being introduced in 2014. Most recently our new “ White Soft-Touch Feel” stocking provides improved stretch for easier application and fitting while also providing enhanced patient comfort. CUI Wear: CUI Wear is a leading UK Manufacturer of desirable Ostomy and Hernia Support Products, as well as specialist medical garments including the BHIS cardio thoracic bra. We manufacture and supply innovative garments for hernia prevention or support of existing herniation, and for other specific medical conditions. We use special materials and incorporate many features that create a balance between the appropriate level of support and comfort whilst remaining easy to apply, wear, adjust and live with. Our manufacturing and technical resource is backed by an outstanding team of clinical specialists who work throughout the UK to enhance the overall quality of life for all our customers.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Looking to expand our export business
• Open new markets
• To expand our contact base

Looking to connect with:
• Agents
• Distributors
• Procurement



Morningside Pharmaceuticals

Monica Huang, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Dorina Hirdau, International Sales Manager
Dr Nik Kotecha, CEO

T: +44 (0)1509 217705
E: info@morningsidepharm.com
W: www.morningsidepharm.com

Company Profile:

Morningside Pharmaceuticals is a UK-based manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of branded and generic medicines and healthcare products to the UK and international markets. Since inception in the early 1990s, Morningside has exported to more than 120 countries globally and has over 240 generic and branded licensed medicines in the UK and EU. As well as products delivered twice daily to UK pharmacies and hospitals, Morningside is also expanding into new international markets, where product registrations in individual countries offer an opportunity to grow into the public and private sectors. These include MENA, Europe and Nordic region, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. Our highly experienced International Sales Department is looking to connect with importers, manufacturers and wholesalers in the MENA region. We aim to build long-term local partnerships and our teams put quality without compromise, customer service excellence and building strong long-lasting relationships at the centre of their robust approach.

In addition to international public and private sector partnerships, Morningside has over the past 30 years grown to become one of the UK’s largest suppliers of a wide-range of Aid to some of the world’s most established International Aid Organisations; including UNICEF, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Red Cross and MSF.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Introduce Morningside as an essential partner to private sector healthcare businesses in the MENA region.
• Raise awareness of Morningside’s extensive product range of prescription medicines and valuable intellectual property (IP).
• Catch up with existing valued partners and suppliers and plan for future growth together.

Looking to connect with:
• Importers
• Manufacturers
• Wholesalers



Nemaura Medical Inc

Moiz Saleem Khan, Project Manager, Business Development
Samantha Sanders-Mansfield, Global Head of Digital Programs

E: bd@nemaura.com
W: www.nemauramedical.com

Company Profile:

At Nemaura Medical, we pride ourselves in developing affordable diagnostic and digital tools for a wide range of medical conditions. Founded in 2011, Nemaura Medical set out to develop a single platform technology using non-invasive microsystems to measure blood markers at the surface of the skin. Since then, the company has evolved with the creation of wearable technologies and digital healthcare solutions that encourage and empower people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. With over 420 million people worldwide with diabetes and the number of pre-diabetes cases at almost three times this number, diabetes is an urgent global health crisis. Combining clinical research with patient-friendly technology, sugarBEAT® has been developed to deliver a non-invasive, affordable and flexible method of blood glucose tracking for improved diabetes management (www.sugarBEAT.com).

To make for a compelling offering to the end-user we have created an entire digital ecosystem for the management of diabetes. We have combined our glucose monitoring platform with a world-class program that was originally developed at the world-leading centre for Diabetes, the Joslin Diabetes Centre, U.S.A. This is a digital program that comes with over a decade of clinical evidence demonstrating excellent efficacy. We have combined this with our glucose-monitoring platform to bring an outstanding product to market to help people with diabetes manage their condition and potentially reverse Type 2 diabetes (www.BEATdiabetes.Life).

In addition, we have created a mass-market consumer metabolic health program that has been designed to act as a health companion for life, to help people avoid or prolong the potential onset of chronic diseases. This program is called Miboko (www.Miboko.com) and was launched in 2021.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Increase awareness of our products and services
• Networking
• Partnerships and collaborations

Looking to connect with:
• Potential partners and collaborators
• Investors
• Marketing agencies



NeoKare Nutrition Ltd

Derek James Walker, Commercial Lead
Saurabh Aggarwal, Managing Director

T: +44 (0)1527 407272
E: enquiry@neokare.co.uk
W: www.neokare-hcp.co.uk

Company Profile:

NeoKare Nutrition Ltd’s aim is to provide quality human milk products for the unique nutritional needs of premature, low weight babies and infants whose mothers are unable to provide sufficient milk. Our foundations are based on our background to establish Australia’s first milk bank (2000) and our sister company, NeoLacta Lifesciences success (established since 2016 in India). With a 6,000 sq ft pharmaceutical grade facility located near Birmingham, UK with multiple ISO-7 rated cleanrooms, onsite R&D, chemical and microbial laboratories, NeoKare is the first and only dedicated human milk processing facility in UK and Europe. We have an innovative, tailored range of products for infant and neonatal nutrition and our products are used across multiple trusts in the NHS.

Our milk providers are all UK based and our screening and onboarding process are UK NICE CG93 compliant. We have launched three products for premature babies:

• NeoKare MMF - World's 1st and only 100% human milk-based powdered based fortifier, with added Calcium / Phosphorus. Available in a powdered form and hence ensuring no displacement of mother’s milk. Our unique process ensures retention of HMOs, Immunoglobins and nucleotides. This product is classified in the UK as a Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP)

• NeoKare PHBM – providing donor milk in a powdered form. This product is classified as a Food product in the UK

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Identify distributors for the GCC
• Identify distributors for the broader Middle East
• Identify distributors within Asia and Africa

Looking to connect with:
• Distributors in GCC
• Distributors in Middle East
• Distributors within Asia and Africa



NuVision Biotherapies Ltd

Andrew Hopkinson, PhD, Founder and CSO
Tonicha Spencer, MSL

T: +44 (0)115 7840121
E: info@nu-vision.co.uk
W: www.nu-vision.co.uk

Company Profile:

NuVision Biotherapies is an award-winning biotechnology company spun out of the University of Nottingham, UK. NuVision was established to develop and commercialise innovative and clinically disruptive tissue-based therapies to effectively manage soft tissue damage situations across multiple clinical specialities across a global market, including ophthalmology, dry eye disease, diabetic foot ulcers and wider wound care.

Developed by the founder and CSO, Dr Andrew Hopkinson, our first platform technology, Tereo processed human amniotic membrane, is manufactured from the innermost layer of the placental sac that surrounds, protects and nurtures the developing baby. Amniotic membrane has potent natural anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring, and healing properties. Our proprietary Tereo manufacture process uniquely overcomes the known limitations of conventional cryo-preservation and dehydration methodologies, to delicately preserves the important natural qualities and beneficial properties of amniotic membrane in a dry and stable, off-the-shelf, and highly functional format. Tereo is a patent protected process that allows the cost-effective, manufacture of highly standardised and effective products with versatile wound care application potential.

NuVision’s is currently disrupting ophthalmology, transforming the way eye disease is managed:

Omnigen, Tereo processed amniotic membrane product range, is available for the management of a range of conditions including corneal disease, ocular surface reconstruction, dry eye disease and inflammatory conditions. Omnigen provides a versatile modality that supports early and effective management of inflammation and fibrosis, to enhance healing and clinical outcomes for transformed patient care. OmniLenz, a unique bandage contact lens, allowing suture-free application of Omnigen. The simplicity of OmniLenz application of Omnigen (www.omnilenz.com), utilises a straightforward 4–6-minute procedure, revolutionising and simplifying amniotic membrane use, which enables access in routine out-patient, emergency, optometry, and private settings.

Our unique Omnigen and OmniLenz treatment strategy provides the solution for complete ophthalmology patient care, uniquely facilitating early and preventive intervention in a broader range of superficial/moderate eye diseases, which traditionally would be excluded from the regenerative benefits of amniotic membrane transplantation. Around 10,000 treatments have already been distributed to help fight sight-destroying disease, which are routinely used throughout the UK NHS, and are distributed across 10 countries including through Ophthalmology partnerships in Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, and Kuwait. Omnigen-OmniLenz have been clinically validated via peer reviewed publications supporting safety and effectiveness, with ongoing clinical trials in dry eye and inflammatory disease. NuVision’s second focus is diabetic foot ulcers and wider wound care, with published pilot clinical trial data already supporting improved healing and patient recovery. Tereo processed amniotic membrane is a versatile treatment modality that has the potential to be applied across further soft-tissue damage situation to utilise improve natural healing. NuVision’s expert research and clinical development team continuously work to expand the use of the Tereo process resulting in an exciting technology pipeline. NuVision is looking to expand our international commercial partnerships in Ophthalmology and Wound Care in the global arena, as well as exploring opportunities to develop enhance surgical and outpatient innovations for a range of healthcare markets. We look forward to engaging and speaking with you.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Looking for a distributor
• Looking for development partners
• Looking for customers

Looking to connect with:
• Ophthalmology distributors
• Wound care distributors
• Regional hospitals and health care providers



The Oxygenstore (Bar O2 Limited)

Paul Shotton, Managing Director

T: +44 (0)1785 814000
E: paul@baro2.com
W: www.theoxygenstore.com

Company Profile:

The Oxygenstore (Bar O2 Limited) are a UK based supplier of oxygen related products, we distribute products worldwide. We specialise in the supply of parts and filters and accessories for most major portable and static oxygen concentrator brands including Caire, Drive Devilbiss, Inogen, Philips, Invacare, Nidek, Kroeber and many others.

We provide complete systems for the supply of oxygen to Home Care Providers, Dentists, GP's, Hospitals, and the Emergency Services, Our product range also includes an extensive number and variety of oxygen cylinder trolleys, wall brackets and storage solutions from Bristol Maid and Reflex Trolleys. We stock Patient Care Products including Oxygen Tubing, Masks and Nasal Cannulas, Humidifiers and Sterile Water from Salter, Intersurgical, Southmedic, Koo and Hum. Breathing exercisers from Intersurgical, Koo, Ultrabreathe, Kan Breathe and Air Physio. We supply a range of Oxygen Cylinders (Empty only), Resuscitation Equipment as well as Pressure Regulators and items from GCE, Oxylitre and BPR Medical, we also distribute Marinox Oxygen Diving Equipment.

Our UK workshops service and repair all Major Manufacturers Oxygen Concentrators and also supply new, used and refurbished O2 Concentrators, we offer a UK rental service for Portable and Static Oxygen Concentrators. Veterinary oxygen products oxygen analysers and pulse oximeters feature in our product range.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Raise awareness of The Oxygenstore
• Find New Sales opportunities
• Source new products

Looking to connect with:
• Distributors
•Re sellers



RW Search

Henry Norton, Director
Oliver Gannon, Director

T: +44 (0)20 3371 7201
E: info@rwsearch.com
W: www.rwsearch.com

Company Profile:

RW Search is an Executive Search firm specialised in the medical devices sector. Our team works globally, working with a diverse range of clients from start-ups to global corporations. RW Search offer a full suite of recruitment solutions which range from one off placement through to full recruitment process outsourcing. We work at the executive level, which ranges C-Suite and Board level assignments through to senior management.

We differentiate ourselves in the market by giving each consultant their own specialist area of medical devices, where we cover Orthopaedics, Spine, Wound Care, Surgical, Cardiovascular, Medical Imaging and Surgical Robotics. Our consultants are very active in their market, going further than just recruitment; we encourage out of the box thinking to build engaged and passionate networks. Our data driven approach to search allows us access to the top talent who can think strategically, drive innovation, create value, and sustain market position.

We have two of our team attending; Henry is our specialist within Surgical Robotics so will be looking to speak to anyone within this next-generation field. Oliver is our Cardiovascular specialist and will also be looking to connect with other professionals within this sector. We look forward to connecting with prospective clients and candidates at Arab Heath 2022.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Meet both current and new clients and candidates
• Marketing and Marketing Presence
• Learn about new developments in our field

Looking to connect with:
• Surgical Robotics Professionals
• Cardiovascular Professionals
• Orthopedics Professionals



Select Healthcare UK Ltd

Richard Finch, Business Development
Richard Paine, Director

T: +44 (0)1933 411729
E: richard.finch@selecthealthcare.co.uk
W: www.selecthealthcare.co.uk

Company Profile:

Select Health Care UK Limited (SHC) designs, develops and manufactures patient moving and handling equipment, products such as slide sheets, handling belts, transfer aids, hoists and slings, as examples. A well established and highly regarded leader in the UK market SHC also serves a wide range of international customers and with more than thirty years of healthcare experience we are invariably a first choice for occupational therapists, nurses and carers working across the UK National Health Service and in a variety of private and social care environments.

Through a process of close collaboration with customers and practitioners our technical and marketing teams conceptualise many new product opportunities. Thereafter, following a robust evaluation process, we set development priorities on a three-year cycle. The focus is to commercialise innovative products which offer value for money solutions to daily care challenges. In addition, by keeping a sharp eye on current and future market needs all new product development activity is based on making life easier for carers and improving the quality of dignified care for patients. Our products offer high quality and great functionality at value for money prices.

Flexibility is a strength and very often we work with specific customers who require a bespoke product design to suit a particular market segment or care environment. Perhaps not surprisingly we receive many product related accolades and have been granted numerous design patents which protect our much sought after intellectual property. Our experienced team is approachable and has an adaptable can do attitude to meeting customer needs and expectations. From a quality perspective SHC is ISO 9000 / 2015 accredited. SHC is perfectly positioned to work closely with distribution partners in a variety of overseas markets.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Looking for potential partners
• Greater market understanding
• Learn about needs and expectations of end users

Looking to connect with:
• Potential distributors
• End users
• Regulatory Authorities



Shakespeare Pharma Ltd

Simon Shakespeare, Head of Commercial
Lauren Barley, International Business Development Manager

T: +44 (0)1283 730926
E: info@shakespearepharma.com
W: www.shakespearepharma.com

Company Profile:

Shakespeare Pharma offers an ever increasing range of Parallel pharmaceutical imports to the UK and International Export wholesale markets. Working with its partners in Europe we are able to source, supply and distribute quality pharmaceutical products at competitive prices. We work with the NHS to drive prices down to provide savings that can be used in improving healthcare for patients in the UK.

We have a warehouse facility in the Czech Republic which will give the business wider access to the European Markets as well as being able to export to the UK we are also able to import products easily across Europe ensuring any Brexit issues at the boarders are negated.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• establish new connections
• maintain existing realtionships
• establish new Business

Looking to connect with:
• Hospitals
• Clinics



Spirit Digital Ltd

Chris Barker, CEO

T: +44 (0)116 286 5000
E: info@spirit-digital.co.uk
W: www.spirit-digital.co.uk

Company Profile:

Spirit is a forward-looking healthcare organization, delivering innovative digital solutions that combine years of healthcare experience with market-leading technology. Our work is underpinned by clinical expertise and proven, published evidence.

CliniTouch Vie is our multi-award-winning digital health platform, providing effective remote patient monitoring, patient education, and self-management. It helps to make healthcare safer, smarter, and more efficient, by enabling the digitization of multiple pathways, including COPD, chronic heart failure, frailty, and more recently, virtual wards to support healthcare teams during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The platform combines clinically-validated question sets and vital sign readings, enabling clinical teams to monitor deterioration remotely and intervene whenever necessary. Unique algorithms automatically risk-score patient data which generates a dashboard of prioritized actions, whilst access to tailored educational materials empower the patient to be proactive in their own recovery.

We’re proud to be a key provider of services to the NHS, working to co-design digital solutions that meet local needs. By using CliniTouch Vie to deliver brilliant virtual care, we have saved the NHS millions of pounds and improved the lives of thousands of patients. In addition to several successful projects across the UK, we have also supported healthcare teams in Australia using our technology. At Arab Health we are looking to meet local experts with an interest in digital health for potential partnership opportunities that could help to improve outcomes for patients and healthcare systems.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• To discover and connect with local experts and potential partners
• To expand our network
• To find new opportunities to improve health outcomes across the MENA regions

Looking to connect with:
• Large healthcare provider organizations who may want to implement digital health at scale
• Local partners in countries who would like to be resellers
•Healthcare professionals with an interest in digital health tech



Spirit Healthcare Ltd

Oliver Brooks, Head of Partnerships

T: +44 (0)116 286 5000
E: info@spirit-healthcare.co.uk
W: www.spirit-health.com

Company Profile:

Spirit Healthcare is one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the UK. An established and market leading organisation based in Leicester with an impressive track record of launching and distributing medical devices and services into the UK Health Economy.

Spirit launches products in a wide range of therapy areas. By working with the NHS across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the last 12 years, we’ve built long lasting, strong relationships that uniquely position us to enable our manufacturers and suppliers gain access to the UK market by working together to launch new products. At Arab Health we are aiming to find new partners, manufacturers and/or suppliers, of innovative, high-quality medical device and pharmaceutical brands that will improve patient care and make the lives of our customers within the NHS easier.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Looking for Manufacturer
• Looking for Supplier
• Expand Network

Looking to connect with:
• Manufacturer of Medical Devices
• Supplier of Medical Devices
• MedTech



Starfish Labs Ltd

Neil Bevan, CEO

T: +44 (0)1970 602056
E: neil@starfishlabs.co.uk
W: www.starfishlabs.co.uk

Company Profile:

With offices in the West Midlands and Wales, UK, we work with international clients to create bespoke solutions to clients’ requirements, including User Interface design, multilingual UI design, full stack development, database integration, data gathering and analysis tools and deployment through mobile or web app interfaces.

Current client projects include:
• A dementia support app for an NHS Trust
• Vocational training and support apps for people with learning disabilities
• A journey planning app to support people with disabilities in independent travel
• User interface design for a cancer support app
• Apps supporting physiotherapy training

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have developed a number of products, part funded by Welsh Government, including:

• A suite of mobile iOS and Android apps to help people with learning difficulties and disabilities to understand the changes in society due to the pandemic - https://starfishlabs.co.uk/products/ Generic guidance is provided in videos, cartoon images, Makaton symbols and words in simple language created by speech and language therapists. Uniquely, the apps can be personalised by enabling bespoke content specific to the user to be easily created using a smartphone or tablet, including videos, photos and words – for example showing their own masks, sanitising routines, home or care environment, localised guidelines updates, and to enable changes in Covid guidelines to be communicated in a way that will be understood by the user of the app.

• A Public Information web app to encourage uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine amongst minority communities in the UK - https://www.covidvaccinationinfo.co.uk – featuring information on why Covid-19 vaccination is important to protect individuals, families and communities, in English, Welsh, Polish, Arabic, Mandarin, Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada and Urdu. Content is delivered by a wide range of healthcare professionals, with links to the latest government guidance.

Other Starfish products include: My Life Planner – a visual calendar iOS and Android app in which users can create reminders for daily living tasks or events, using photos and videos to remind them about planned events, appointments, or memory joggers for tasks they regularly carry out, e.g., when, and how to take medication, reminders on how to carry out a specific task, particularly suitable for someone with early-stage dementia. The app is what3words enabled allowing easy location of the individual in case of emergency.

Our team have specialist experience working in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, collaborating with Derwen College in the UK to create a suite of award-winning apps to support students aged 16-25 into supported employment. We regularly speak at UK and international webinars and conferences about the application of app-based support technology in SEND and examples of collaborative working in this sector. Our objectives in attending Arab Health are to meet with organisations working with, or interested in developing apps/software to support:

• Healthcare and wellness solutions
• Dementia and healthy ageing
• Learning difficulties and disabilities
• Training in interventions, rehabilitation, processes and procedures

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• To explore potential opportunities healthcare markets
• To explore potential opportunities in learning disabilities / SEND
• To meet potential clients for app/software development

Looking to connect with:
• Health Authorities and Education Government Departments
• Organisations working with learning disabilities
• Organisations working with dementia / healthy ageing



Dr. Rizwan Qureshi, CEO

T: +44 (0)121 709 0101
E: info@surgins.co.uk
W: www.surgins.co.uk

Company Profile:

‘A Surgeon’s Vision’
Our slogan signifies not only A surgeon’s (Founder) commitment to Functional Quality, Precision, Customization and Continuous Innovation of surgical instruments, but also the value of bridging the gap between Surgeons/ Clinical End-Users and the instrument manufacturing industry. The result is ’ Surgins ’ instruments not only have exceptional levels of functionality, engineered in precision and durability but they are also cost-effectively manufactured. Whether purchasing a single instrument / instrument sets or equipping a whole new hospital, whether Left handed instruments or key hole surgery instruments.

Unique Selling Point (USP)
British Surgical instruments developed by Surgeons for Surgeons. In order to do this we:
• Prioritise our company on the viewpoint and wisdom of surgeons.
•Focus our product development on surgeons as the end users and key influencer in design.
• Understand surgeon centred needs, wants, motivations, likes and dislikes.

All Surgins‘ product ranges have been defined by British surgeons of relevant surgical disciplines including dental and veterinary surgeons.

Competitive Advantage
The Healthcare Market is professional and knowledgeable. Healthcare products require clinical credibility to have acceptance by clinicians for use on their patients. ‘Surgins’ built their clinical credibility by prioritising the viewpoint of surgeons and clinical end users of surgical instruments. By adopting a ‘surgeon centric’ approach, we actively seek to understand the needs, wants, motivations, likes and dislikes of the key people in the surgical front line. At Surgins, clinical credibility is of the highest priority and we work tirelessly to meet, and exceed, the most stringent standards.

Surgeons and clinicians come in all shapes and sizes, and work in their own unique ways. It is hardly surprising therefore, that one set of instruments will not always meet everyone’s requirements. To address this issue we offer the opportunity for surgeons to either customise existing instruments to suit, or to work with us to develop a completely new design as per their individual concept, expertise and wisdom. Instruments can then be embossed with the surgeon’s own name to ensure they are always using the right tools for the job.

Surgeon’s Global platform for R&D
A world-class environment for collaborative research in the development and continuous innovation of surgical instruments, to bridge the gap between surgeons and industry. Our aim is to bring people ( Distributors/ Agents/Customers/ Investors/Stake holders together in a way that promotes creativity, connectedness, and collaboration. The Surgins team is led by people who convey a clear vision of the team's purpose, provide the team with the necessary resources to complete their jobs, and maintain the team's overall character. Surgins sales strategy is based on personal, consistent sales contact, with an emphasis on customer service and relations.

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• To Build Brand Awareness and Develop Brand Loyalty
• To Target Distributors/Agents and Expand to New Market
• To Research market trends to grow Digital Presence

Looking to connect with:
• Distributors/Agents
• Surgeons/Customers/ Procurement Officers
• Investors who're interested to invest in UK Healthcare Manufacturing



Sarah Phillips, Managing Director
Kyahti Jain, Customer Experience Manager

T: +44 (0)8452 130266
E: sarah@veintrain.co.uk
W: www.veintrain.co.uk

Company Profile:

VeinTrain was founded in 2007 by Sarah Phillips who recognised the problems healthcare professionals experience gaining venepuncture and cannulation competency. Sarah has been immersed in Veins for 2 decades, a published author, former NHS Corporate Nurse and national competency lead and now a winner of an innovation showcase in Qatar, WISH for the Flatpack VeinTraining system. Sarah also teaches at the medical school of Nottingham University and the world renowned Tavistock, London. Despite being the most commonly performed skills in healthcare they are not taught in a standardized way which creates a poor patient experience, research showing up to 69% failure rate! The savings are huge – ‘saving 10% of failure rates equates to a saving of AUD $140m per year’ In Keogh et al 2017. Twitter shares many horror stories and images of poor cannula dressings as patients love to snap their cannula. We now have full training system for practical remote training. Highly evaluated with a full online e-curriculum, LIVE online supervision and clinical competency tool for every learner. The programme is CPD accredited, internationally.

VeinTrain works both domestically and internationally to improve skills around vascular access. Halo centres in South Africa, Nigeria, Ireland and distributer Leader Healthcare (Dubai) UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain VeinTraining has been implemented by a number of healthcare providers, NHS and private including King’s College Medical Students, Guy’s Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital (NHS) Central London Community Healthcare NHS, many private sector Care Fertility.

We now have methods so we can share the best of our solutions globally, directly and virtually through our Flat Pack Training system including clinical competency programme used by nearly 100,000 clinicians in the UK.

Objectives of attending this market visit:
• To offer UK proven solutions to the quality focused healthcare market looking for low cost training for this, the most commonly performed, yet problematic and costly skill in healthcare - #NoPainVeinTrain
• Seeking Halo Centres and Distributors: Halo Centres: Accreditation and compliance for phlebotomy centres and training courses with the VeinTrain Halo – Bronze, Silver, Gold up to Platinum.
• Direct sell or via partners to Universities, Hospitals, Healthcare, Dentists, Fertility Clinics.

Arriving in units of 100 to 3 million, Our Individual training tool – The VeinTrainer can be give to ALL clinicians to practise on their own flat packed vein and follower their chosen options from full curriculum with Video/App training. The Vein is linked virtually to the UK Centre of Excellence for technique perfecting plus options for bespoke adaptation and to be used in conjunction with local training packages. I am available for Virtual meetings all week at ARAB Health 2022 and our Distributors Leader Healthcare are based in Dubai and will be attending Arab Health and will be delighted show samples of the Vein System. Please contact me Sarah Phillips sarah@veintrain.co.uk +44(0)7788674464 (Whatsapp or call) www.veintrain.co.uk www.veintrain.com

Objectives of attending Arab Health:
• Offer purchase routes or via partners to Universities, Hospitals, Healthcare, Dentists, Fertility Clinics. Arriving in units of 100 to 3 million, Our Individual training tool – The VeinTrainer can be give to ALL clinicians to practise on their own flat pack vein
• Seeking Halo Centres and Distributors: Halo Centres: Accreditation and compliance for phlebotomy centres and training courses with the VeinTrain Halo – Bronze, Silver, Gold up to Platinum.
• Meet with current customers and distributors.

Looking to connect with:
• Healthcare Training Directors, University Leads, IV therapy specialists
• Distributors - Qatar, Africa, India, USA, South America
• Private sector and Health Authorities

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