Events > DBT Midlands eBrochure: Biotech Market Visit to Barcelona 2023

DBT Midlands eBrochure:
Biotech Market Visit to Barcelona 2023

Company Profiles: 13 – 14 February 2023

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The UK Department for Business and Trade (DBT) teams in the British Consulate in Barcelona and the Midlands team in the UK are delighted to announce a mission of leading British biotech companies to Barcelona who are in search of collaborations, new contacts, knowledge and pathways for business on 13th- 14th February 2022.

Businesses from across the Healthcare, Life Sciences and Biotechnology sector in the UK are delivering world leading products and services globally. The Midlands region is home to one of the most important Life Sciences ecosystems in the UK with more than 1,200 life science companies and 33,000 highly skilled jobs.

Significant strength in clinical trials in terms of both infrastructure and expertise are evident across the Midlands region, such as The Institute of Translational Medicine (ITM) located in Birmingham and the University of Birmingham Centre for Clinical Trials (BCCT), with its specific expertise in the design and running of medical device trials (D3B team) and high accrual rates. As one of Europe’s largest academic trials infrastructures, together with the Leicester, Nottingham, Warwick and Derby Clinical Trials Units, the cluster amounts to a significant proportion of the UK’s clinical trials capability. NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, in partnership with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham, works on innovation and research in areas including MRI, Hearing, COVID-19 and Technology. Health Technologies Institute at the University of Birmingham is working on new technologies that could prevent scarring for trauma patients, early disease detection and better prosthetics. There is also the Imaging, Materials and Engineering Research Centre and the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility at Nottingham Trent University.

The City of Nottingham, where MediCity is based within the Walgreen Boots Alliance UK’s headquarters, is where biotechnology, life science product and diagnostics, medical device and industrial biotechnology companies can showcase their products and services to leaders and decision makers within Walgreen Boots Alliance amongst others. The area is designed to encourage collaboration and productivity.

With a diverse population of over 10 million citizens, the Midlands region in the UK makes the ideal test bed for global health and multimorbidity interventions. It is also a major centre for clinical research, which stems from its high number of world class universities, research centres and incubators.

We’re excited to introduce you to innovative companies from the Midlands region in the UK, who are well placed to work to provide the solutions for your needs. These Midlands companies who are keen to collaborate, do business, learn and meet you in Barcelona include Celentyx, Charnwood Molecular, Oncimmune, Reach Separations and Sygnature Discovery. Their company profiles are available below.

The companies will be participating the Barcelona Health Innovation Week. To book your 1:2:1 meeting with these companies contact the British Consulate in Barcelona - Jessica Griffiths jessica.griffiths@fcdo.gov.uk and Aurora Ortega aurora.ortega@fcdo.gov.uk.

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Meet the Delegates:


We have gathered together delegates from across the Midlands region who are keen to collaborate and work with international companies and organisations. Further details can be found below:





Celentyx Ltd

Nicholas Barnes, CEO
Catherine Brady, Chief Operating Officer

Visit: www.celentyx.com
Email: catherine.brady@celentyx.com
Tel: (+44) 7725 963391


Company Profile:

Celentyx is a CRO providing bespoke drug discovery services focused on human immunology across a range of therapeutic areas, including immuno-oncology, autoimmunity, inflammation, fibrosis and neuroinflammation and are highly experienced in developing and providing assays using human primary cells accross drug discovery.

Close to major hospitals and blood services (established alliances), assays are performed using blood and tissue from healthy volunteers and patients with defined disease, with access to clinical records.

Celentyx has well-established assay platforms in multi-colour flow-cytometry, CyTOF, high-content-imaging, multiplex supernatant analysis (Luminex), super-resolution-microscopy plus proteomic and molecular biology capability, enabling high-resolution analysis of the human immune system for target discovery, screening, candidate selection, MoA, and biomarker studies. UK-based, Celentyx has supported pharma/Bio-Tech companies for nearly two decades. Along with internationally recognised scientists within the company, Celentyx benefits from partnerships with the world-leading expertise of translational medicine departments at the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham.

Currently exports to:
Spain: No
Portual: No

Follow us:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/5171741

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Charnwood Molecular Ltd

Linos Lazarides, Senior Business Development Manager

Visit: www.charnwood-molecular.com
Email: l.lazarides@charnwood-molecular.com
Tel: (+44) 7949 323309


Company Profile:

Charnwood Molecular is an integrated drug discovery provider (Chemistry, Biology, Computational Chemistry, DMPK & PR&D), with a 25-year track record of delivery to our clients worldwide. We believe in bringing together the right experts, technologies, and capabilities, to support customer drug discovery projects and deliver potent and selective drug-like candidates.

Our experienced project scientists understand the drug discovery process with expertise in all major disease areas and targets. Our world-class laboratory facility at Charnwood Campus, is the single location of all our services. This enables fast and seamless progression along the drug discovery time.

Since our inception we have successfully supported hundreds of life science groups globally, from academic groups to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We place great emphasis on open collaboration in our client relationships.

What makes Charnwood Molecular unique is our unwavering passion for the truly ground-breaking science we facilitate and the trusting relationships we build.

Currently exports to:
Spain: No
Portual: No

Follow us:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/charnwood-molecular/mycompany

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Mike Fisher, Vice President & Head of Business Development

Visit: www.Oncimmune.com
Email: mike.fisher@oncimmune.com
Tel: (+44) 7870 904709


Company Profile:

Oncimmune is a pioneer in the use of autoantibodies as one of the earliest signals of disease.

ImmunoINSIGHTS™, our best-in-class antibody biomarker discovery engine utilises one of the world’s largest antigen libraries, covering over 8000 human antigens to profile antibodies from biologic samples in very low volume (50 µl) using Luminex xMAP®. We offer high content biological insights and analytics powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms, models and deep knowledge mining solutions.

Oncimmune’s core biomarker technology and expertise in the immune system enables life-science organisations to understand the immune response to disease and its treatment. ImmunoINSIGHTS can be used to:

• Stratify patients into clinically relevant sub-groups
• Predict response to treatment and immune-related adverse events (irAEs)
• Characterise the disease state and define the disease
• Understand the immune response to disease
• Detect treatment-specific immune excitation
• Predict off-target effects and non-specific binding of therapeutic antibodies

Currently exports to:
Spain: Yes
Portual: Yes

Follow us:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/oncimmuneECDT LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/oncimmune

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Reach Separations Ltd

Ed Hogarth, Business Development Associate

Visit: www.reachseparations.com
Email: e.hogarth@reachseparations.com
Tel: (+44) 07412020724


Company Profile:

Reach Separations specialises in chromatography for the analysis and purification of small molecules.

The latest HPLC and SFC technologies are used side by side for chiral and achiral separations to support our clients across the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical sectors.

With facilities in the UK and France, we offer a viable and economical solution to purification challenges to clients across Europe and beyond.

Currently exports to:
Spain: Yes
Portual: No

Follow us:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/REACHSEPARATION LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/reach-separations

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Sygnature Discovery Ltd

Rachel Hemsley, Business Development Director

Visit: www.sygnaturediscovery.com
Email: info@sygnaturediscovery.com
Tel: (+44) 7950 530310


Company Profile:

Sygnature Discovery is a leading independent integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical services company. Private equity-backed, Sygnature operates fully-enabled research facilities at two sites in the United Kingdom and has an office in Cambridge, MA.

Our experienced drug hunters possess all the professional skills and know-how required to undertake the most demanding of drug discovery programs and accelerate them towards becoming drug candidates.

Sygnature has a great track record of success for its clients. Since 2011, we have delivered 30 compounds into pre-clinical development, 15 of which have subsequently entered the clinic (Phases I, II and III).

Currently exports to:
Spain: No
Portual: No

Follow us:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SygnatureDiscov LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/sygnature-discovery

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