ICIS Innovation Awards 2023

17 October 2023, Savoy, London

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2022 Winners

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Best Digital Innovation from a large company

Eastman Chemical - Fluid Genius - Digital Innovation for Heat Transfer Fluid Management


  • Agmatix: Agmatix - An ICL start up company that builds a technology platform that turns agronomic big data from field trials into impact for ag professionals globally.
  • Dow Inc: High Throughput Modeling: A Novel Approach for Process Optimization
  • Dow Inc: Autonomous Corrosion Growth Predictor (ACGP)
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Best Digital Innovation from a SME

Electric Ant Lab - Digital R&D solution that complements wet lab research
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Best Process Innovation from a large company

Clariant Catalysts and Technip Energies - Reducing carbon footprint and enhancing operation in steam reforming with EARTH®.

  • GDB International Inc: Eco-Friendly Latex Paint Manufacturing
  • Johnson Matthey/Virent: Introducing the BioForming® Process Technology
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Best Process Innovation from a SME

GreeNovel inc - Process for contaminated plastics recycling and metals extraction from e-waste using a developed chemical agent and microwave
  • ICR: Origin Materials
  • Locus Performance Ingredients: Locus Performance Ingredients’ Modular Fermentation Production Process
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Best Product Innovation from a large company

Evonik Operations GmbH - REWOFERM® RL 100 revolutionizes the Laundry Detergent Market
  • Dow Chemical: Launch of DowsilTM ICL-1000: Next Generation Dielectric Coolants for Immersion Cooling of Data Centers
  • Dow Performance Silicones: LuxSense™: the World's 1st High-end Silicone Leather for Auto
  • ExxonMobil Product Solutions: Ground breaking Low viscosity, Low volatility innovative PAO (Polyalphaolefin)
  • The Dow Chemical Company: DOWFAX™ DF-303 High Performance Foam Control Agent for Fermentation 
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Best Product Innovation from a SME

Genomatica - New plant-based nylon-6 to slash GHGs from textiles, films, plastics; advancing toward commercialization


  • Hydromx Inc: Hydromx - Efficient Heat Transfer Nano-Fluid
  • Polymertal: Functional Lightweight and Sustainable Advanced Material with UBQ Bio-Based Additives
  • STK Bio-Ag Technologies: REGEV Hybrid Fungicide
  • VITEX S.A.: Novel Antiviral and Antibacterial Functional Paint - Vitex with VAIRO