Click here to download our Frequently Asked Questions document to answer your questions about #JLS2019


1. What is the Juliette Low Seminar 2019?​​​​​​

The Juliette Low Seminar 2019 is an international leadership development programme that has two parts:

Part 1: Attend an international event for 6 and a half days with 40 – 60 of your peers in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting; explore ways to break gender barriers to leadership, develop your own leadership practice and create a plan to reach 100 girls in your local area – all whilst having the adventure of a lifetime.

Part 2: Use your plan to complete your leadership project once you return home, share your knowledge and make an impact.

2. What is the theme?​​​​​​

The event will focus on three important topics:

  • understanding and overcoming gender barriers to leadership;
  • exploring new ways of practising leadership by experiencing the new WAGGGS leadership model;
  • becoming a change maker and developing a leadership project that will impact 100 girls. 

3.  Why is the JLS called a seminar?

This event has been called the Juliette Low Seminar since 1932, but it's not a formal conference! The programme involves non-formal eduational workshops and group learning using the Girl Guide and Girl Scout method, as well as adventurous challenges, chances to experience the local culture and environment, and connect with the community.

4. How is the Juliette Low Seminar changing from previous years?  ​​​​​​

In 2019 we will pilot a new model that:

  • Is hosted across multiple “hub” locations at the same time, including World Centres and several Member Organisations;
  • Has a maximum participant capacity of 1000 participants in up to 20 locations - with each hub hosting around 50 participants;
  • Offers a leadership programme based on the new WAGGGS leadership model, that will be adapted to each hub to make the most of every location; 
  • Uses technology to create a network that will connect participants and hubs from across the world, to build a shared experience.

5. What languages will the Juliette Low Seminar run in?

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Swahili