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Investment opportunities in London
Roundtable event - Lithuania

London is a fantastic place for Lithuanian companies to grow their businesses, raise funding, hire talent, access the world’s sixth largest economy, and become globally competitive.

To explore investment opportunities in London, the UK’s Department for Business and Trade (DBT) at the British Embassy Vilnius invites Lithuanian entrepreneurs to a roundtable event. 

Join Salla Hänninen from London & Partners to discuss and find out how we can support your company grow in London.

London & Partners is a non-profit public-private partnership established by the Mayor of London in 2011.

Its goal is to showcase London's diversity, innovation, and opportunities on a global scale, emphasising London's leading role in attracting investments worldwide, as well as the employment and educational opportunities it offers.

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Date: Tuesday, 19 March 2024
Venue: British Embassy Vilnius

This event is by invitation only.

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Growing Green Together is a regional clean growth campaign from the UK's Department for Business and Trade in Europe spanning the Northern Europe & the Baltic region.

Growing Green Together website

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