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Opportunities for MedTech businesses in the Northern Powerhouse

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What is The Northern Powerhouse?

The Northern Powerhouse refers to a region spanning the North of England and encompassing the major cities of Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield and Liverpool. The phrase 'Northern Powerhouse' was coined in 2016 along with the concept that greater economic productivity can be achieved if the cities and towns in the North of England work together to be greater than the sum of their parts. 

The Northern Powerhouse project is truly breath-taking in scope: a coordinated strategy, that brings business, civic and all areas of Government together to build a super-connective, highly-productive and globally-facing Northern economy.

The Northern Powerhouse region encompasses the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Humber regions. It is home to 15.2 million people, five of the UK’s ten largest cities and c1million businesses. The region has a larger population than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined. It is also home to more people than the combined population of the Baltic states, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and is almost as big as the Netherlands (17million).

The Northern Powerhouse offers world-leading creativity and design and has a heritage of manufacturing know-how to deliver global innovative products and an abundance of R&D. Is a global hub of commerce, science, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, with over one million businesses. In this region, world-renowned brands from international companies offer an opportunity for collaboration with similar companies in R&D and supply chain.

The GVA of the Northern Powerhouse is almost £340 billion – greater than the economies of Austria, Belgium or Norway. 

The Northern Powerhouse region