ICIS Recycling & Sustainability Virtual Festival

29 September - 2 October 2020 // Online

8am BST // 3pm SGT


Advocacy Partner

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The recycled polymers & sustainability markets must continue to function despite the exceptional disruption caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Market participants from across the recycled polymers & sustainability value chain need to find new ways to reconnect, interact and engage with peers, colleagues and leaders across the sector.

This FREE virtual conference from ICIS provides the opportunity to do all of this and more.

Join the ICIS Recycling & Sustainability Virtual Festival to hear the latest views from industry leaders and experts, and secure numerous opportunities to expand your network, build sector knowledge, and do business.

  • Industry collaboration and innovation is essential to create a truly circular economy – how can you play your part?
  • How will the introduction of an EU tax on plastic packaging waste impact the recycled polymers sector?
  • Will demand for R-HDPE, R-PP and R-PET bounce back post pandemic drops and a shift to virgin?
  • How is regulation driving the sector on a global and regional level across Europe and Asia?
  • Has consumer demand and preference evolved during 2020 and will this change attitudes to single use and recycled plastics in the longer term?
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Find out the answers to your urgent questions via the virtual event portal

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Discuss key issues and develop new contacts to help address your current issues

Explore the Recycling & Sustainability interactive Networking Tool