22nd Annual RIMS Conference Registratrion - 4-6 May 2017 Barcelona

The 22nd Annual Conference is organised by SEAUTON BVBA upon assignment of Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis VZW (RIMS VZW, www.eurims.org, University Hasselt, Agoralaan, Building A: BIOMED/REVAL, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium.

The organisational aspects are supervised by the Organisational Committee, upon assignment of Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis VZW. 

Members of the Organisational Committee

  • Peter Feys (BE), President RIMS
  • Daphne Kos (BE), co-chair Scientific Committee
  • Jaume Sastre-Garriga (ES), co-chair Scientific Committee
  • Vincent de Groot (NL)
  • Alessandra Solari (IT)
The program has been ellaborated by the Scientific Committee
  • Jaume Sastre-Garriga (co-Chair)
  • Daphne Kos (co-Chair)
  • Xavier Montalban (ES), Director Cemcat
  • Ulrik Dalgas 
  • Hämäläinen Päivi 
  • Peter Feys 
The Organisational Committee, closely collaborates with the Local Organising Committee
  • Xavier Montalban (co-chair)
  • Jaume Sastre-Garriga (co-chair)
  • Ingrid Galán (Cemcat)
  • Mar Tintoré (Cemcat)
  • María Jesús Arévalo (Cemcat)
  • Marta Renom (Cemcat)
  • Samuel Sánchez (Cemcat)
  • Lluís Ramió-Torrenta (Hospital Josep Trueta, Girona)
  • Jordi Gich (Hospital Josep Trueta, Girona)
  • Joan Vidal (Institut Guttmann, Barcelona)
  • Luís Brieva (Hospital Arnau de Vilanova, Lleida)
  • Pedro Carrascal (Managing Director, Spanish Federation of MS Societies)
  • Gisela Carrés (Coordinator of Neurorehab Hospitals, FEM - MS Foundation of Catalonia)

The Programs of the SIG's have been elaborated by the SIG chairs and co-chairs:

  •  SIG Mobility
    • Chair: A. Romberg (F)
    • Co-chair: P. Van Asch PT (B)
  • SIG Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Disorders
    • Chair: Dr. L. Lopes (I)
    • Co-chair: P. Eelen R.N. (B)
  • SIG Psychology and Neuropsychology
    • Chair: J. Pöttgen (DE)
    • Co-chair: A. Rose (UK)
  • SIG Communication and Swallowing
    • Chair: L. Ruhaak (NL)
    • Co-chair: F. DePiagi (IT)
  • SIG Occupation
    • Chair: J. Jansa (SL)
    • Co-chair: S. Ferdinand (B)
  • SIG Patient Autonomy
    • Chair: C. Heesen (D)
    • Co-chair: A. Solari (I)

Do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat if you have any questions:

SEAUTON bvba,Vaartdijk 3, box 002, 3018 Leuven, Belgium

VAT ID nr. BE 0464 882 990