To help you with any additional queries, please see our FAQ’s below:

Q. Who is eligible to attend this event? 

A. This event is open to all serving personnel, veterans and military spouses/partners interested in a career in Financial Services. 

Q. What is the nearest train station to the Barclays Radbroke campus?

A. The nearest train station is Knutsford. On arrival at Knutsford, take the bus to Macclesfield (88) and get off at Whipping Stocks Inn (4 stops from Knutsford station). Our technology centre is then only a 5 minute walk (0.3 mi). 

Q. Will there be parking available at this event?

A. Yes, allocated parking will be available for attendees on the day. The postcode for navigation is WA16 9EU. On arrival, signs and staff will outline where you should park your vehicle. 

Q. What will the Dress Code be on the day? 

A. Smart casual. There is no requirement to wear a formal suit and tie.  

Q. Will lunch be provided? 

A. Yes, lunch will be provided and there will be refreshments available throughout the day. 

Q. How can I contact the team with follow up questions?

A. If you would like to contact the Military and Veteran Outreach (MVO) team, please email mvoteam@barclays.com. You can also sign up to Military Talent Pool which will enable us to keep in touch with you following the event.

Q. I’m unable to attend this event, but I would like to attend future events.

A. The Military Talent Scheme webinars run all year round. To find out when the next one is scheduled please email mvoteam@barclays.com. Please register with our Military Talent Pool so we can let you know when further events are planned.

Q. How do I apply for a job at Barclays and what kind of roles are available?

A. Please visit https://home.barclays/careers/our-programmes/after/ as you may be eligible to apply to one of our bespoke initiatives that support transitioning Service Leavers and Veterans. If you are a veteran our a military spouse, we would recommend that you to visit our Barclays career page to view our latest vacancies www.barclays.com/careers.

Q. Does Barclays support Reserve Service?

A. Yes, Barclays is committed to providing industry-leading support of military service in the Reserves or National Guard. We have comprehensive policies in the UK and US. For more information, please email mvoteam@barclays.com.