iHV Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Conference 2023
Coming Together: Belong, Be Curious, Believe!
Hybrid one-day conference | Monday 19 June 2023

We are very excited to be delivering our 5th annual iHV Perinatal and Infant Mental Health conference following Infant Mental Health Awareness Week and on International Fathers' Mental Health Day 2023! This year’s face-to-face event is our first real opportunity for physically being together to consider PIMH since 2019!

Such a lot has happened in the world since then. Globally and nationally, families continue to experience widening inequalities. We know that the cumulative effects of the pandemic, global instability and the cost-of-living crisis mean babies and their families need high-quality mental health care now. This comes at a time where there are significant workforce challenges, a time where we are still adjusting to different ways of working, and for many the professional pace of life is staggering.

This conference is about coming together, it’s about reconnecting and strengthening our sense of belonging and our belief, and our commitment in what we can achieve. Delegates will be encouraged to explore, to be curious and to wonder together about what some of the latest research and innovation in PIMH means in relation to providing safe, personalised, inclusive high-quality PIMH care.

As part of the conference programme, delegates will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in extraordinary stories that cross cultures, generations, worlds, and times.

We have a phenomenal line up of parental, academic, professional, and creative leaders, including:

Professor Dawn Edge, Dr Andrew Cairns, Professor Jane Barlow, Sally Hogg, Dr Karen Bateson - and many more still to be announced!

We very much look forward to welcoming you to this special event; to build understanding, empathy and love for our families and communities, our world and each other.

Conference Aim:

To increase confidence and motivation to enable high-quality PIMH care.

Learning outcomes:

Participants joining the conference will be able to:

  • Critically reflect on the importance of the latest MBRRACE findings
  • Identify the reason why, for some communities, accessing and getting quality PIMH care can be especially difficult
  • Debate some of the additional barriers that exist for families facing multiple disadvantages and systemic inequality
  • Describe good practice in the evaluation of the parent-infant relationship
  • Demonstrate an awareness of emerging thinking in relation to describing infant mental health
  • Examine what good care looks like to both practitioners and families with lived experience
Melita Graham
Head of Mental Health
Institute of Health Visiting

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Delegates will explore...

The latest research and innovation in PIMH in relation to providing safe, personalised and inclusive high-quality PIMH care.

Ways to reduce mental health inequalities and improve outcomes for babies, children and families.

How thinking about IMH and its importance has evolved.

Why is CPD in healthcare important?

Continuous Professional Development has the potential to deliver a high return on investment.

'It offers staff career progression that motivates them to stay and, just as importantly, equips them with the skills to operate at advanced levels of professional practice and to meet patients' needs in the future'. NHS, Long Term Plan, 2019. 


Who should attend?

This includes, but is not limited to: 

iHV Champions, health visitors and members of health visiting teams, practitioners working in the early years, commissioners, managers, government officials, third sector organisations, researchers, parents with lived experience and those practising public health nursing in the UK or further afield.