We are really excited to be delivering the third annual iHV perinatal and infant mental health conference -and to be doing so on World Maternal Mental Health Day!

This year's conference is focused on the family as the beating heart of a whole systems approach to PIMH.

When thinking about systems and the learning that emerges from them, Aristotle said the whole is greater besides the sum of its parts- and its true- mental health is complex, and whilst individuals, different professionals and services can, and do, make a huge difference- we know that together we can achieve something different. By pulling together, joining the junctions, pushing the boundaries means we get to make the biggest difference we can in this one life we have! 

There are many challenges to ensuring all families have access to the right support at the right time and the time is absolutely right to have a focus on how we as a system can harness our shared aspirations and maximise our collective efforts to buck the trend of rising mental health problems- to think about a systems model for PIMH care. We have lessons from across the globe, across the UK, from professional parental and organisational perspectives , across the “hot” PIMH issues and of course, as ever our conference will be grounded in the wisdom of families and practitioners throughout. We can’t wait to welcome you to connect, reflect and co-direct the future of PIMH care for families together!

We know how much people are ready to socialise and connect and we have made sure that we have a high energy conference with opportunities for discussion, networking and fun! We have learnt such a lot from our time in the virtual space- and we can promise a vibrant, energising day- what better way to spend WMMH day?!