Frequently Asked Questions


How can I register for the conference?

Our ticket-buying process is done in cooperation with our partner Aventri.
To register for the conference, please visit our registration site and follow the instructions.

How do I pay for registration?

Payment is possible via credit card (American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron) or PayPal.

Does my ticket include Workshop tickets?

Conference tickets exclude Workshop tickets, which are sold separately.

I want to register a group. Do I get a special discount?

We offer discounts for the registration of groups of more than ten people. Please contact us at for more information.

What do Tier 1&2 and Tier 3&4 mean?

At the SDN, we are committed to achieving a more diverse community of global practitioners unconstrained by economic barriers that may hinder them from accessing everything our organisation has to offer. In line with this thinking, we are instituting a new pricing structure for our conference tickets, eliminating a previously flat rate and replacing it with a two-tiered ticket pricing approach that considers the global disparity in currency value. Using the World Bank's* country income index as a guiding framework, we are now basing Conference ticket prices on where you live and your income bracket following categories defined by the World Bank.

  • Tier 1,2 (countries with High and Upper middle income)
  • Tier 3,4 (countries with Lower middle and Low income)

*To learn more about where your country falls within the World Bank's country designations. Please note that a supplemental list is also available for countries not registered within this index due to being territories of other countries or smaller independent nations.
Your fee will be automatically calculated in the registration system based on the country of your residence. Countries with High and Upper middle income will have Financially Inclusive Pricing included in the invoice to differentiate the fees for the countries with Lower middle and Low income.

I am an SDN member. Am I eligible for a special discount?

Yes, SDN members are eligible for a special discount. All members are imported into the registrations system. When entering your email in the registration process, the system will recognise you as a member and will automatically assign your discounted member fee.


About the Conference 

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference means that the full conference programme is run on Brella’s virtual platform, which integrates Zoom as needed. You will register as you normally would, then we will email you the virtual conference login credentials ten days before the conference from our account

To learn more about the platform, please visit Brella’s help center.

How does an attendee join Brella?

Attendees will need to create a Brella account to join our event on the platform.
To sign in to Brella, you first need to create an account and then an event profile. For more information, please visit Brella’s help center
If you are using your smartphone, download the Brella app from the App Store or Google Play and sign in and input the join code. To use Brella, you need at least Android v 6.0+ or iOS 9.0+.

Do I need any special technology to access the virtual conference?

All the sessions will be available via Zoom. You will need a free Zoom account to participate in the sessions.

Will the conference be recorded?

Yes, the main conference program will be recorded. Recordings will be made available after the conference exclusively to paid conference attendees. 

How can I join sessions in the breakout rooms?

Some additional content during the conference will be available in the breakout rooms, where the maximum number of attendees at the same time in a room is limited to 100.

  1. To enter a breakout room, you need to navigate to the 'Breakout' room tab in the event. 
  2. Choose the room from the cards you wish to enter and join the meeting! 

To learn more, please visit Brella help center.

Will I be able to ask speakers questions?

Yes, during the sessions, the chat feature will be enabled. After the talks also special Q&A sessions will be organised to give the attendees the opportunity to ask questions.


Networking & Matchmaking 

How to enable Networking in Brella?

Networking is the second main reason people attend events. Enabling the Networking feature at Brella is essential to facilitate high-quality conversations at our event.

  1. Meeting slots to create pre-determined networking slots in the Schedule. 
  2. Matchmaking to create the category list to facilitate meaningful and high-quality connections.
  3. Schedule and create meeting slots to create a networking availability timeframe for your audience.

To learn more, please visit Brella help center.

How to opt-in in networking?

To make the most out of Brella and the event that you're attending, we recommend you to opt-in in networking already when you initially sign-up.
You can opt-in during the registration or a few days before the event starts. Opting in during the registration process will allow you to network with early birds and connect with relevant people.

To learn more, please visit Brella help center.

What is Matchmaking on Brella?

Brella Matchmaking is based on Artificial Intelligence recommendations. It allows attendees to select detailed interests and intents to make meaningful connections.

When you first log in to the Virtual Conference you will be asked a series of questions to build your profile. The AI matchmaking machine then provides you with a list of “matched attendees,” in which you are able to easily arrange a meeting at a time convenient for both of you. Once a meeting has been created, a chat function becomes available and during your meeting, you can easily conduct a video call for a virtual meeting and present your screen for a sales deck.

To learn more please visit Brella help center.



I want to become a sponsor. Who should I contact?

Different sponsorship packages have been prepared to cater the needs of our partners. Please reach out to us at for more information.

Will the exhibition be organised?

Yes, the exhibition area will be organised for sponsors to present themselves and to offer an opportunity to attendees to get in contact with them. 

How do I access the exhibition area?

Click the 'Sponsors/Booths' tab on the left-hand side to view the sponsors for the event. Then click on each individual company to view their respective virtual booth. Here you can view information about the company and learn about the products and services they are offering. You can then contact and arrange a meeting with a representative from that company or you can start a conversation in the booth's public chat.