Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Forefront

At the SDN, we are committed to achieving a more diverse community of global practitioners unconstrained by economic barriers that may hinder them from accessing everything our organisation has to offer. In line with this thinking, we are instituting a new pricing structure for our conference tickets which eliminates a previously flat rate of and replaces it with a two-tiered ticket pricing approach that considers the global disparity in currency value.


Your ticket includes

  • Two-day online conference pass to attend all live talks (Oct 21-22, 2021)
  • Networking via matchmaking app & 1:1 video conferencing
  • Access to virtual exhibition booths




Important notes

*Tier 1,2 (countries with High and Upper middle income)
*Tier 3,4 (countries with Lower middle and Low income)

All above fees exclude Workshop tickets, which will be sold separately.

The Service Design Global Conference team bases fees on the World Bank's designation of the country of the attendee's residence. You can learn more about where your country falls within the World Bank's country designations. Please note there is also a supplemental list available for countries not registered within this index due to being territories of other countries or smaller independent nations.

Your fee will be automatically calculated in the registration’s system, based on the country of your residence. Countries with High and Upper middle income have Financially Inclusive Pricing included into the invoice to differentiate the fee to the fees for the countries with Lower middle and Low income. SDN members are imported into the registrations system. When entering your email in the registration process, the system will recognise you as a member and will automatically assign your member fee.

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