Meet the Speakers and Workshop Facilitators

The speakers and workshop facilitators of for the 2021 Service Design Global Conference were selected by our conference team to reflect this year’s theme, Taking a Stand. You can check out the speaker bios, talks, and schedule for our two days of inspiration on the Agenda Page.


George Aye (He/Him)

Co-Founder and Director of Innovation, Greater Good Studio

Monika Bielskyte (She/Her)

Futures Researcher, Protopia Futures

Cat Drew (She/Her)

Chief Design Officer, Design Council

Kim Goodwin (She/Her)

VP of User Experience, Woebot Health

Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel (She/Her)

Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University



Marc Fonteijn (He/Him)

Founder, Service Design Show

David Morgan (He/Him)

Service Design & Strategy Lead, Leap Forward

Marina Terteryan (She/Her)

Service Design Director & Innovation Strategist at The Why lab, and Founder + Host at Why Service Design Podcast

Stina Vanhoof (She/Her)

Service Designer and Managing Partner, Knight Moves


Polly Adams (She/Her)

UX Writer, AbleTo Inc.

Valeria Adani (She/Her)

Service Design Director, frog

Sofie Lourdes Bang Jensen (She/Her)

Design Psychologist, Designit (Sofie)

Federico Baraya Galán (He/Him)

Writer and a Senior Content Producer, Haptica

Nina Belk (She/Her)

Director of Service Design, Modern Human

Gloria Biberger (She/Her)

Design Expert in User Research, Interaction- and Service-Design, Freelance

Tua Björklund (She/Her)

University Professor, Aalto University

Florie Bugeaud-Remond (She/Her)

PhD, Service Designer and Circular Catalyst, Founder of beewö

Daniel Burka (He/Him)

Product Manager and Designer, Resolve to Save Lives

Max Churchfield (He/Him)

Design Manager, iDE

Rachael Dietkus (She/Her)

Founder, Social Workers Who Design

Anders Buur Erlendsson (He/Him)

Social Innovator and Senior Interaction Designer, ROCKWOOL Foundation Intervention Unit

Nikhita Ghugari (She/Her)

Co-founder & Creative Strategist, Xeno Co-lab

Sharina Khan (She/Her)

Senior Experience Design Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Lassi Liikkanen (He/Him)

Director of Product Design, Qvik

Max Masure (They/Them)

Community-centered UX Researcher | DEI Consultant | Author | Public Speaker

Swar Raisinghani (She/Her)

Co-Founder & Creative Lead, Xeno Co-lab

Ricardo Sosa (He/Him)

Associate Professor, Monash University

Peter Svarre (He/Him)

Digital Communication, Strategy and Product Development, Author

Payal Wadhwa (She/Her)

VP of Innovation, Strategy and Design, frog

Alexanda Whitcombe (He/Him)

Social Innovation Strategist, Indigenous Practitioner and Systems Weaver, Aotearoa New Zealand

Hazel White (She/Her)

Founder and Co-Director, Open Change

Jennie Winhall (She/Her)

Leading Social Innovator and Service Designer, Rockwool Foundation and ALT/Now


Workshop Facilitators

Jeffrey Allen (He/Him)

Lead Service Designer, Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom

Christian Bason (He/Him)

CEO, Danish Design Centre

Dr. David Dunne (He/Him)

Professor, University of Victoria

Chris Ferguson (He/Him)

Founder, Bridgeable

Brian Frandsen (He/Him)

Senior Service Designer, Danish Design Centre

Ben Gao (He/Him)

Co-founder, Yü Studios

Isabel Grillmayr (She/Her)

Marketing Manager, Smaply

Lea Herzfeld (She/Her)

Strategic Product and Service Designer, zero360

Paolo Korre (He/Him)

Director of Client Journeys, Sun Life

Natalie Kuhn (She/Her)

Senior Manager • Design • Enterprise Services Risk, Capital One

Tamas Lengyel (He/Him)

Principal - Greenfield Digital Transformation, du

Heather Madden (She/Her)

Head of Service Design, Capita Consulting and Royal Navy

Carol Massa (She/Her)

Design Manager, AdventHealth Central Florida Division

Henni Nguyen (She/Her)

Business Designer, AFRY Experience Design

Marihum Pernía (She/Her)

Design Director and Innovation Manager, eFM- Engaging Places

Marc Stickdorn (He/Him)

Co-founder and CEO, Smaply

Jonna Tötterman (She/Her)

Co-Founder & Board Member at Designing for Children's Rights, Senior Designer and Researcher at Motley