To help you with any additional queries, please see our FAQ’s below:


Q. Who is eligible to join this event?

A. This event is open to those who are still serving or have served in the Armed Forces either in the UK or in the US and/or military spouses or partners.


Q. Do I need a laptop or smartphone to join the event?

A. No, you can dial in using a standard phone, however without access to a screen unfortunately you won’t be able to see the speakers or their presentations.


Q. Do I need a webcam for this event?

A. No, you don’t need a webcam to join this event. The presenters and speakers will use them during the event.


Q. Can I ask the speakers a question during the event?

A. Yes, you will be invited to submit questions online during the Q&A session. Further instructions will be given on the day.


Q. How can I contact the team with follow up questions?

A. If you would like to contact the Military and Veteran Outreach (MVO) team, please email mvoteam@barclays.com. You can also sign up to Military Talent Pool which will enable us to keep in touch with you following the event.


Q. I’m unable to attend this event, but I would like to attend future events.

A. Military Talent days are traditionally held twice a year, the next one will be held in Spring 2022. Please email mvoteam@barclays.com. Please register with our Military Talent Pool so we can let you know when further events are planned.


Q. How do I apply for a job at Barclays and what kind of roles are available?

A. Please visit https://home.barclays/careers/our-programmes/after/ as you may be eligible to apply to one of our bespoke initiatives that support transitioning Service Leavers and Veterans. If you are a veteran our a military spouse, we would recommend that you to visit our Barclays career page to view our latest vacancies https://home.barclays/careers/.


Q. Does Barclays support Reserve Service?

A. Yes, Barclays is committed to providing industry-leading support of military service in the Reserves or National Guard. We have comprehensive policies in the UK and US. For more information, please email mvoteam@barclays.com.