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Circuit Breaker Testing and Analysis - An Event Series

A circuit breaker has an essential role in the network grid to allow current flow, de-energize and isolate faulty parts of the grid. In this limited webinar series, you will learn about the most common electrical tests performed on circuit breakers during commissioning and maintenance routines and how to conduct them efficiently and without stress.

Don't miss your opportunity to get to know the CIBANO 500, the measurement principles for circuit breakers and how to perform efficient circuit breaker tests, simplify your tests, record keep and reporting with the PTM (Primary Test Manager).

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Webinar 1

October 12, 2021 | Australia | 2 hours | Virtual | 12pm AEDT

Static contact resistance verifies whether the resistance of the main contacts allows the current to flow with low losses.

Dynamic contact resistance records the contact resistance during the operation of the breaker and delivers information about wear-related problems with main and arcing contacts.

Join us in this interactive webinar, as we discuss specific case studies which show which type of resistance test is superior or whether both should be performed for a comprehensive analysis.



Webinar 2

October 26, 2021 | Australia | 2 Hours | Virtual | 12pm AEDT

Learn how and why to perform CB timing measurements while they are in service.

Off-service testing methods cannot show degradation accumulated during long idle times, such as degraded lubricants, contaminated surfaces or corroded mechanical elements, because the breaker needs to be operated at least once before an off-service test.

The first trip test is carried out while the breaker is still in service. Connections are made at the trip coils and at the CT’s secondary side.

Voltage Based Timing Method (VTM) is the only measurement method available to measure the timing of a medium-voltage GIS, since the main contacts are sealed and cannot be accessed. CIBANO 500 uses the trip or close signal as a trigger to determine the trip or close time of the main contacts by measuring the secondary voltage of the circuit breaker’s built-in voltage transformers.

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Webinar 3

November 9, 2021 | Australia | 2 Hours | Virtual | 12pm AEDT

In this webinar we will cover how all tests on high-voltage breakers can be performed while the circuit breaker is grounded on both sides. Our goal is to increase safety levels for operating personnel.

We will also showcase a special current sensor measurement method (CSM) which allows timing measurements on a GIS breaker with both sides grounded. CSM measures the operating times of the breaker with an inductive sensor laid round the ground connection of the grounding switch. Nothing else needs to be modified.

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Webinar 4

November 23, 2021 | Australia | 2Hours | Virtual | 12pm AEDT

Learn why is it important to check the overall mechanism performance and detect defects of the kinematic chain. Understand how conducting a motion analysis test verifies operating mechanism, mechanical linkage and indicates potential mechanical wear. See how it also checks condition of lubrication, potential deformity in mechanical parts and the condition of damping units.

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