Utilize the power of automation to reduce testing time


Reduce Protection Testing Time with the Power of Automation

December 1, 2021 | Australia | 1pm AEDT  | 1hr 30 | Virtual

In order to ensure that power assets in a substation are protected whenever faults occur, it is necessary to thoroughly test the protection systems during commissioning and maintenance. When it comes to protection testing, manual tasks like preparation, configuration, and rewiring during the test runs are still a major part of a protection testing engineer’s daily routine. Not only are these tasks very time consuming, but all these manual interventions have another implication that both utilities and service providers strive to avoid: low quality testing. One mistake during those manual testing procedures can lead to an entirely false assessment. Even if the protection engineers notice the error they have to repeat the test steps in question, which in turn can put them under pressure and decrease efficiency.

What is your procedure for protection testing?

If you are testing secondary systems and you have an understanding of the test values (relative to settings / nominal values) and tolerances you wish to apply, then there is no benefit in repeatedly entering these details for every test module that you create, rather it is just an opportunity for an unintended error to be added.

Automatic testing procedures can reduce manual intervention significantly and they standardize the testing process itself, resulting in less testing time, one-to-one repeatability, and a much higher level of overall quality. But how much time can actually be saved with automatic testing procedures? How can that be measured? And is it really impacting the quality of the tests?

If you wish to save time and errors on your test setup and find out how you can save costs and optimize your secondary system testing join us.

We look forward to your participation!


Session 1 | 45min
The Big Picture: What you gain from Control and Protection System Test Automation

This session will talk conceptually about testing and assessment. Automation is introduced as a principle, demonstrating its advantages in terms of time efficiency and consistency. Finally a case study will be presented on how significant time and cost has been saved while increasing quality of tests.

Topics Covered:
- Control and Protection Testing Principles
- Automation Principles
- Case Study on Optimizing Testing Procedure and Results

Session 2 | 45min
Feeder Protection Testing Automation Tutorial

Anyone that is using OMICRON’s CMC and Test Universe to test multiple jobs with similar applications (control or protection systems) and is interested in either introducing or developing their test-automation can benefit from this session. A feeder protection relay example is used. We go step by step through the process of identifying the appropriate file from Protection Test Library, loading it in Test Universe OMICRON Control Centre, importing settings, adapting the test template to suit custom needs, including report configuration. Finally we have a session for Q+A and discussion to further consider the potential for test automation and how it is / could be applied throughout the electrical energy industry.

- OMICRON Control Centre
- Test Object RIO, XRIO and scripts
- Customised XRIO blocks and parameters
- Protection Test Library (PTL)
- LinkToXRIO setting / editing in test modules
- Reporting configuration




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