"Peering into the Crystal Ball - New Trends in Defence and Security IT"

17 - 18 May 2022

at BluePoint, Brussels





In the rapidly and fundamentally changing environment in the new era of big powers competition, defence and security of NATO and EU member states rely more than ever on gaining and maintaining a technological advantage. Along with many other factors, equipping warfighters with the best solutions is critical for maintaining this momentum and is key for securing peace in these very volatile times. This two-day conference and exhibition, featured the newest technologies and solutions in a wide range of IT-related areas of interest for the defence and public security community. Coming together again in Brussels was vital in order to re-connect with all of the Belgium-based organisations.

This was an event that focuses on meeting and networking on questions of information technology and emerging technologies. The understanding of the background of the NATO and the  EU environment and the planned or started initiatives, policies and projects, at both entities, was an essential prerequisite for such an exchange.

The following key topics were discussed with representatives of the Brussels based NATO and EU institutions:

  • Cyber Security

  • C4ISR

  • Data Analytics

  • Cloud Services

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Edge Computing

  • Mobile CIS solutions

  • Quantum

and many more...