Under the Patronage of the Minister of Defence, Czech Republic (requested) and
 In cooperation with the AFCEA Czech Chapter    

"Artificial Intelligence: Indispensable for Future Planning and Execution of Military and Rescue Operations"

New Date!  17 - 18 October 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome to Prague!

“It is our goal to reconnect, renew and restart the fruitful relationship between NATO and EU and industry and academia after the long pause on face-to-face meetings and only virtual contact. For this purpose, our third event of the year will be the TechNet Europe in Prague. We are very much looking forward to providing a place for networking in a relaxed atmosphere and on neutral ground between military, government, academia and the industry that serves them, with expert conversations and hands-on experiences.” 

--MGEN. Erich Staudacher, GEAF (Ret.), General Manager, AFCEA Europe



The employment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely on the rise globally. The European Union plans to issue a comprehensive AI policy next year. NATO just published its decision on an AI strategy. Logistical planning, C4ISR and conducting operations triggers a wide range of AI applications. Cyber defence needs AI support. AI becomes a commodity in all civil rescue activities: prevention, preparation, operations. But AI builds on a number of other technological steps:

  • Digitalisation
  • Data
  • Cloud
  • Secure connections

Let’s consider dependencies and opportunities comprehensively!

This will be a two-day conference and exhibition and as per the annual tradition, also held under the Patronage of the Host Nation’s Minister of Defence (requested). This event will feature high-level speakers from all over the EU and NATO as well as from the host nation.





TechNet Europe will foster in-person networking opportunities through our exhibition and networking breaks.

Book your sponsorship or exhibition package. This is a unique opportunity to showcase and discuss your product or service in person with the attendees.




Your success is our priority!

TechNet Europe will host specialists from national governments, defense and security bodies, NATO and EU, as well as industry and academia. Sponsorships are a great way to maximise your exposure at the event. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We are also offering virtual sponsorship opportunities options.