Sunday 8 - Tuesday 10 September

Communication Matters 2019

University of Leeds

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Delegates will be able to choose from a large number of presentations in the conference programme. It will be a great opportunity to hear about, and be part of, the latest developments in the field of AAC.


All sessions are categorised into three '
levels' as a guide to the type and nature of the presentation:
  • Introductory sessions assume no previous knowledge of AAC
  • General sessions assume participants have a knowledge of AAC, probably gained over several years, and the sessions may have more discussion time than an Introductory session
  • Specialist sessions assume even greater knowledge and, in some cases, will be more participatory in nature
We have based our topic areas on the three aspects of evidence based practice, which constitute improved outcomes for all. These aspects are:
  • Best Research Evidence (from independent organisations such as education, social or health services and universities)
  • Clinical & Professional Experience (presented by health or education professionals or those working for other organisations for AAC users)
  • Personal Stories & Preferences (would include personal experience stories, single case studies and examples of AAC in the wider community).
In addition to platform presentations there will be poster sessions on the Monday & Tuesday and also some more participatory events.

Keynote Speakers

Monday Keynote: TBC
Tuesday Plenary: Dave Young, performance poet and artist.
More information on our Keynote Speakers

Survival Guide

Download our Conference Survival Guide if you've not been to conference before. The first time at conference can be overwhelming - so many delegates and a jam-packed schedule. This Survival Guide should help you enjoy the experience!

Annual Meeting of Associate Members

Associate Members of Communication Matters can attend the 2019 Annual Meeting of Associate Members on Sunday 8th September at 4pm. Non-members are welcome to attend as observers but they cannot vote on resolutions or speak to the meeting.

For Presenting Authors:

The call for papers has not started yet. But you can still View Guidelines for Abstract Submission and Download Guidelines for Poster Submission.

*We recommend that presenting authors Download IT Instructions and view our NEW Top Tips for Presenting Video by our patron, Martin Pistorius.*

Telephone: 0113 343 1533

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