AAC Awards 2019

University of Leeds

Friday 11 October

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AAC Awards Sponsorship

Why Sponsor?

Communication Matters is a UK-wide organisation committed to supporting people of all ages who find communication difficult because they have little or no clear speech.

The Awards present sponsors with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to recognising and supporting a worthy cause throughout the industry.

Sponsoring the awards will enable your organisation to align itself with the values of the AAC Awards, while showcasing your corporate identity, services and products. Sponsorship will further raise your organisations profile and enhance your credibility with prospective customers and industry peers.

The below are guide packages but we would be happy to create a bespoke package as we are keen to have our Industry supporting us.
Gold sponsor £2,500 (inc VAT) 
  • Listed as Gold sponsor and logo in programme, on AAC Awards website and Main screen for the evening
  • Sponsor the "xxx" award
  • Full page advert in programme
Silver sponsor £1,500 (inc VAT) 
  • Listed as Silver sponsor and logo in programme
  • Sponsor one of the entertainment providers
  • Full page advert in programme
Bronze sponsor £1,000 (inc VAT)
  • Full page advert in the programme 
  • Dinner for 8 
  • Champagne on arrival and 1/2 bottle of wine per person 
Other Sponsorship
  • Full page advert in the programme and logo on website £400
  • ½ page advert in the programme £250

Please contact for further information about how you can sponsor this event. We would love to hear from you!