ICIS Surfactants Virtual Conferences

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Welcome to the ICIS Surfactants portfolio website. Here, you can find up-to-date information about the conferences, webinars and training courses, download our latest resources, watch videos from our conferences and listen to podcasts.

Our portfolio of high profile, industry leading events provide an expanse of opportunities for anyone involved in the surfactants value chain. Gain essential information and market insight, meet industry peers and establish new business connections and strategies.

Delve deeper into the regional dynamics of the global markets at our annual conferences for the sector. Divided by topic and by region, there are plenty of opportunities to examine capacity developments, evolving trade and emerging markets and their influence on the global outlook.

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Virtual Conferences

Take a look at the and past events to learn more about the thought-leading content that the agendas cover and expert speakers, who have enriched our conferences with their outlooks, solutions and strategies.

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ICIS European & Asian Surfactants Conference
26 - 27 October 2021

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Training Courses

2021 continues to change the surfactants industry landscape. While some markets have witnessed growth motivated by upsurge in demand for cleaning products, there are also markets that almost reach the rock bottom. Coupled with uncertainties in the future of economy, these scenarios are creating lack of clarity on what the market would look like in months and years ahead.

Learn and understand the factors that are changing the surfactants dynamics. Analyse the trends and its impact on your business strategies. Doing these will protect your position in the global market and will provide a strong foundation to your short- and long-term plans Recognising the importance of getting timely insights in order to make sense of the market developments, ICIS brings you the Surfactants Business Essentials training course online for the first time this July.
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Surfactants Business Essentials
Training Course
12 - 14 October 2021
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