ICIS Surfactants Conferences

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Fecc is the voice of the Chemical Distribution Industry in Europe. With an active membership of companies and national associations, Fecc represents around 1,600 companies of which many are small and medium sized companies (SMEs). Fecc and its members contribute to innovation and sustainability besides adding value in the supply chain, by sourcing, developing, marketing, and distributing a wide range of specialty chemicals and ingredients to over one million downstream users ranging from automotive, electronics, paint, construction to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and nutrition industries, each with their own specialised needs.


The Green Chemicals Blog

 The Green Chemicals Blog is known worldwide as the authoritative source of news and analysis in the business of green chemistry and chemical sustainability. Since its formation in 2007, the green blog has an average 10,000-15,000 page views per month and more than 4,500 dedicated followers. For further information, contact Doris de Guzman, author of Green Chemicals Blog at doris@greenchemicalsblog.com.


Office Y's Co., Ltd.

Monthly Greenchemical Magazine and Web Greenchemical started its publication 15 years ago (original name was Monthly Oleochemical). We are the only media specialized for oleochemical, biofuel and biomass market information on bilingual English and Japanese base. We keep on making effort to be your best partner by delivering the latest information, consulting, and providing agency services for better business for oleochemical industry.

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