3rd International Workshop on Stratospheric Sulfur and its Role in Climate (SSiRC)

*****UPDATE!!! Workshop now having to be further rescheduled for March/April 2022 ****** (original plan to reschedule for in-person meeting 20th to 22nd April 2021 not possible)

(2020 workshop (30th Mar to 1st Apr) postponed due to CoViD-19)”

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Abstract Submission

Abstracts for oral and poster presentation can be submitted as part of your conference registration. Abstract submission is not possible without registering for the conference. All abstracts must follow the template available for download here. Please note, abstracts that do not adhere to the guidelines will not be accepted for presentation. If you wish to register for the conference but are not yet ready to submit an abstract instructions for submitting an abstract at a later date are available below. Please note, the abstract submission deadline is 16 February 2020.

  • The main text of the abstract should be 100-500 words and written in clear and concise English with correct spelling and good sentence structure. Please upload the document as a .doc or a .docx file type.
  • Please indicate in your submission preferred format of either talk or poster
  • Abstracts should not include figures and tables
  • Abstract text should be carefully checked, in particular to include all co-authors who have had a significant contribution to the research presented
  • In submitting an abstract, the authors should be aware that, after acceptance, the abstracts will be published on the SSiRC workshop website and in printed materials for the workshop
  • The SSiRC workshop organising committee will review all submitted abstracts and reserve the right to reject abstracts that are not written in English, are out of the scope of the meeting, or do not meet basic standards of scientific quality or conventional standards of civil discourse
To submit an abstract after you have completed registration, please follow this link. You will need to input your email address used to register and your customer number from your confirmation email. Your registration information will be pre-populated, please continue through the registration process until you reach the abstract submission page. Amending your answer to the question "would you like to submit an abstract?" will allow you to select a presentation format and upload your abstract for review. Once you have uploaded the document, please continue through the end of the registration process. Providing you have not amended your registration with billable items, no additional payment will be required.

Register/Submit Abstract Download Abstract Template 

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