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Solve your healthcare challenges:
Find UK Innovators with digital health solutions

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The picture of talent and innovation in the UK is a fast evolving one with new pioneers emerging daily. We hope through 'The Beyond 100 Playbook', we will reach out to those who are not just leaders in their field but are willing to find new frontiers to make an impact.

DIT launches Digital Health Playbook 'Beyond 100'

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We have UK Innovators who are ready to go global and connect with the ever expanding worldwide opportunity.  Healthcare UK, part of the Department for International Trade, has invested significant effort, alongside partners, to identify, engage with and showcase some of the UK's leading talent.

Digital Health is rightly seen as the answer to many of the challenges facing global healthcare.  The role of digital technology in realising the dream of accessible, affordable and sustainable care has grown across the entire range of health economies in not only serving current needs, but in building the basis for the healthcare of the future: personalised, digital by default and truly patient centric.

The innovations in the Playbook can offer support to healthcare in a variety of ways from reporting data and using AI, pre-assessment, diagnostics and systems management to managing staff at scale and collaborating.  There are solutions to support people at home with self-care apps and remote monitoring and consultation.  And see how future tech may transform healthcare.

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To be connected to UK companies and enquires:

Please contact

If you are a UK company and would like to be considered for the playbook in the future you can register your interest here:

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UK Digital Health – Beyond 100 Expanded Playbook


UK Innovations for International Projects

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 #Beyond 100 Digital Health UK companies:

Augmenting Healthcare Professionals

Collaboration & Communication

Data and Analytics

Diagnostics & Screening

Future Tech

Health Systems & Transformation

Remote & Virtual Care

Self Care & Wellness

Triage & Pre-assessment

 #Beyond 100 Digital Health UK companies:

Ones 2 Watch

Accenda Alertive ATMPS BfB Careology chai-analytics Definition-health Doctaly-assist E-Pharmacy Elvie Lifelight Neuro-proactive Ortus-ihealth Poc-doc Rainbird Solutions4Health SPH Thriva Truu Virtturi
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The UK companies were selected after a rigorous process, and were judged on a range of criteria including how committed they were to export and international expansion, their responsiveness, any track-record of working collaboratively with DIT, their uniqueness of their innovation, and how well they represent the UK journey and direction in digital health.

This report will be updated twice a year. For those who wish to put forward a UK company for consideration please complete the form from the button above - future playbook entries request.

Disclaimer: These case studies summarise user and patient experiences with digital solutions along the relevant care pathway. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the apps and digital tools referenced are not supplied, distributed or endorsed by the Department for International Trade, or any of our partners, and such parties are not liable for any injury, loss or damage arising from their use. 

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Our partners

Thanks go to NHS Digital, Scottish Development International (SDI), Development Bank of Wales, ECHAlliance (European Connected Health Alliance), ABHI, The AHSN Network, Innovate UK, Tech Nation, HIMSS, National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), Octopus Ventures, techUK, NHS Digital, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Elite, Boehringer Ingelheim and Samsung, Wayra plus a range of experts for their expert input and kind support.

NHS Digital ABHI SDI UKRI EHCA HIMSS NAPC tech-uk tech-nation samsung octopus-ventures iet boehringer ahsn-network
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Our Proposal to You

We would be delighted to support international or UK healthcare organisations in any way we can. For those with questions and who want more information about how we can help you please email