Who we are DIT

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Who we are

Through our bank of knowledge, specialist expertise and extensive networks, DIT can help identify and leverage potential opportunities, both for UK and overseas companies.

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Our services include:

  • Accessing market opportunities: helping international companies assess market opportunities in the UK and UK companies assess overseas markets .
  • Access and introductions to the right people: working with large organisations and other UK government departments to support access to a vast network of industry experts.
  • Setting up in the UK: a range of support for businesses who wish to set up in the UK.
  • Bespoke market research: compiling in-depth factual reports including market entry support, R&D collaborations and cost analysis.
  • On-going government support: once your business is established in the UK, providing assistance on expansion.
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Our Proposal to You

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1) Examine what we've done:

  • We'll share our strategies, detailed plans, accumulated learning and plans for the future.
  • We'll make our regulation, guidelines, evaluations and standards open to review.
  • We'll outline where we have identified lessons learned over the years.
  • See our deployment of digital health in action at scale across the NHS.

2) Adopt what feels right for you:

  • We have made our outstanding public and private sector expertise available.
  • We can support your own unique challenges, by matching and translating exactly which specific elements would be benefitial.
  • This includes highlighting some of our most innovative digital health firms who are ready to work with you.
  • For example, this could involve partnering with expert teams on AI, telemedicine, evaluation of innovation or digital therapeutics and the many private sector innovators they commissioned to support them.

3) Collaborate with us to tackle future challenges:

  • We all face incredible challenges and we invite you to collaborate with us, share your unique challenges with us and work together with us to shape the future for the benefit of health systems, healthcare professionals and citizens around the globe.