Digital Solutions

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How can we take advantage of major opportunities in healthcare, for example in genomics for precision medicine, quantum computing, AR/VR, 3D printing or wearables?

Congenica are revolutionising the way genetic diseases are characterised and diagnosed and are the exclusive clinical decision support platform provider for the UK NHS Genomic Medicine Service. Wearables and remote monitoring require serious kit and Current Health designed the first FDA-cleared, wireless wearable device combining continuous ICU-level vital sign monitoring and advanced data science to detect illness earlier complete with a HomeHub transmitting data over cellular networks specifically engineered to handle rural environments. Medopad also offer innovative modular remote monitoring solutions combined with advanced machine learning based on the Medopad-Tencent AI Lab and Aparito have a focus on rare disease remote monitoring. Andiamo uses AI, big data and 3D printing to deliver medically effective orthosis within 2 weeks.

Benevolent.AI use AI to accelerate the journey from data to medicine and GTN.AI are combining quantum computing and AI for drug discovery. Blockchain is starting to take root with FarmaTrust using the technology to combat counterfeit medicines using their track and trace methodology and Digipharm have harnessed distributed ledger technology (DLT) to offer outcomes-based contracts for healthcare and life sciences.

Medical Realities, Fundamental VR, Virti and Touch Surgery are all pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved using AR/VR in medicine and surgery and MIRA Rehab are using video games for rehabilitation.

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